Sociology & Human Services - Careers in Sociology

Careers in Sociology

  • Community or consumer advocate
  • Community planner/designer
  • Criminologist
  • Labor relations specialist
  • Non-profit worker

Sociology majors complete a common core of Sociology classes which incorporate theory, writing, and service learning courses. Students are also able to choose from a variety of classes that emphasize their interests. The Sociology department offers a wide range of electives including Native American Law, Gender Studies, Religion and Society, Sociology of Food, Criminology, ethnicity, and Latin American Sociology. The Sociology faculty works closely with students to help tailor their academic schedules to meet their individual interests and academic goals.

Students with Sociology degrees continue after graduation in a wide range of professions such as law, social work, community planning, law enforcement, corrections, probation, social research, and human services. Graduates from the Fort Lewis Sociology program have also found work in a variety of non-profit organizations ranging from programs for at-risk youth, environmental work, immigrant advocacy, affordable housing, and health care. In addition, students with a degree in Sociology continue on to graduate or professional schools in a variety of different fields.


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