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Fort Lewis students march for decolonization
Students describe ways to ‘create something better’

Carrying signs that announced “decolonizing is healing” and “white supremacy = terrorism” advocates marched up College Drive Saturday.

Fort Lewis College students push for a decolonized world
March to show era’s persistent effects

Fort Lewis College students want to remind Durango of the persistent effects of colonization.

Grub Hub keeps FLC students fed for success
“I see a lot of students who don’t know where they’re going to get their next meals,” says Katharine Young, a junior Sociology major at Fort Lewis College. “Since we’re college students, it’s assumed we’re supposed to be poor, without acknowledging that being poor actually has real consequences for academics. You can’t participate fully in your college experience if you’re hungry.”

Vigil at Fort Lewis College honors Trayvon Martin
About 50 people attended Friday evening’s vigil at Fort Lewis College in remembrance of Trayvon Martin, a 17-year-old who was shot and killed four years ago by a neighborhood watch coordinator in Florida.

Fort Lewis College students to hold vigil for Trayvon Martin
Students to honor death of 17-year old high school student Friday

Students at Fort Lewis College will hold a vigil for Trayvon Martin, a 17-year-old high school student who four years ago Friday was shot and killed by a neighborhood watch coordinator in a gated community in Florida.

‘Slut’ walk on Fort Lewis College campus in Durango an effort to help end sexism, rape culture.
“My vagina, my rules,” was the provocative chant on Tuesday of more than 30 Fort Lewis College students marching through campus to bring awareness to the objectification of women and the hope to be part of a movement to end sexism.

Fort Lewis College students call for end to racism on campuses
Despite the season’s first snowstorm, more than 30 Fort Lewis College students rallied Monday to show solidarity with university students across the nation looking to end racism on college campuses.

Fort Lewis College students march against debt
Lawyer and former Harvard University President Derek Bok once said, “If you think an education is expensive, try ignorance.” But the staggering numbers associated with student loan debt in America today are enough to make any young, broke scholar think twice about post-secondary academia.

Foe: Genetic modification under fire
An internationally known author, lecturer and opponent of genetically modified organisms headlines the speakers listed tonight in a discussion about the effects of genetic alterations of plants and animals.

Oil shale a false hope
In the United States, we do not understand the relationship between energy and economics. Oil shale and tar sands, we are told, will create energy independence in the United States and extricate us from the messy world of the Middle East and oil conflicts.

Education flows both ways in Mexico
Poor people living in packed homes. Men pining for jobs in the rich country to the north. They'll walk across a desert with little water to get to those jobs, then send back most of their earnings to their families over the border.The people have little to spare, yet give an inordinate share to a relatively wealthy visitor from the U.S.

Fort Lewis College rally backs Egyptians
Five days after protesters in Egypt ousted President Hosni Mubarak, Fort Lewis College students organized their own gathering in solidarity with the Egyptian people.

Another take on the hip hop scene
The co-founders of Durango Hip Hop are Anthony Nocella, a professor at FLC, and Josh Jones, former FLC student and local musician. Durango Hip Hop is a project of Save the Kids, a national volunteer grass-roots group grounded in hip hop activism and transformative justice.

Fort Lewis students march for decolonization
About 40 Fort Lewis College students and community members attended the Durango Decolonize March and Roll to spread awareness about the historical and ongoing effects of colonization on indigenous people.

'Slut' walk on Fort Lewis College campus in Durango an effort to help end sexism, rape culture
Students want to be part of conversation about objectification of women

Black students unite at Fort Lewis College
FLC group supports minorities, promotes diversity