Sponsored Research & Federal Relations

Welcome to the Office of Sponsored Research & Federal Relations

The purpose of the Office of Sponsored Research and Federal Relations is to: 1) advance research and external support by providing leadership and professional assistance to FLC faculty and staff in pursuit of a wide range of educational goals; and 2) build effective partnerships between the College, national organizations, and the Federal government through representation and advocacy of FLC’s needs and interests at the Federal level.

Submit a Grant
A step-by-step view of the proposal submission process.
Find Funding
Recent Opportunities, GRC, Government and Foundation Funding.
Templates, Resources, Cost Sharing
Writing a Proposal
Grant Writing Resources and Proposal Prep. Information
Post Award
What to do once you are awarded. 
Forms & Resources
Using Cayuse 424, Project Data Sheet, Proposal Info, FLC Institutional Profile.
Policy & Compliance
Human Subject Research (IRB), Cost Sharing, F & A, Budgets, Animal Subject Research (IACUC), Uniform Guidance.
Federal Relations
Representing and advocating for FLC’s interests at the Federal level.

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Classic red “sprites,” electrical discharges in the mesosphere taken from an airborne research platform flying at 45,000 ft. Also visible are cloud tops (horizontal line at bottom), scattered light from massive lightning strikes (white/blue glow) and stars (specs in background.) Dr. Ryan Haaland, Physics/Engineering, studies the underlying physics of this phenomena in collaboration with the University of Alaska Fairbanks and the U. S. Air Force Academy. The research is funded by the National Science Foundation. (Photo: Jason Ahrns, UAF)