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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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1) I wrote a grant that I need to submit next week. Do I have to do any paperwork at the college?

Yes! All grants submitted from Fort Lewis College must go through the electronic routing and internal approval process on Cayuse 424.  Cayuse 424 will route your proposal via email to your department chair, dean/VP.  Make sure you have given your chair and dean plenty of time to read your proposal!  From the Dean/VP your proposal will route to OSR.  We will carefully check everything and route it for the remaining signatures. Once all signatures have been secured, your submission may move forward.   (Note: All federal grant proposal submissions require OSR signatory approval before they can be submitted.  This occurs after all internal approvals are completed. ) See our Submit a Grant page for more information or contact our office!

2) What are “in-kind” costs?

Also known as in-kind cost sharing, these are services, goods, materials, office space, staff time, etc that are devoted to the grant project but are not paid for out of the grant. Usually these materials or services are given a dollar amount in a grant budget to show the institution’s commitment to the proposed project.  If you are writing a non-Federal proposal where in-kind cost sharing is required, this must be noted on the Proposal Summary page in Cayuse 424.

3) What are “F&A” or indirect costs?

F&A or finance and administration fees are also known as “indirect costs.” These are a percentage of the total proposed grant budget used to pay for the invisible costs to the institution of running and housing the grant program, such as providing office space (and electricity, heat, etc), providing financial management services (cashing the check, doing federal draw-downs, paying out funds as required, etc). FLC has a federally negotiated rate of 38% of total salaries, wages, and benefits for grants that allow indirect costs but do not specify a rate. If the grant program does specify a rate—say, 8% of the total amount of the grant, for example—FLC follows the sponsor’s requirements. FLC always charges indirect on grants unless specifically prohibited by the sponsor and does not waive these fees. Ever.

4) Is FLC registered with Grants.gov?

Yes! Grants.gov requires that submission be done through an institution’s Sponsored Research office.   The good news is that now all grants.gov proposals will be submitted via Cayuse 424, so the application package should not contain submission errors and the entire process will be streamlined.  We still need you to be ready to submit at least seven days prior to your grant deadline when submitting through Grants.gov. Contact our office for more information.

5) Yeah! I’ve been awarded my grant! Now what?

Congratulations! It’s hard work to get a grant funded, great job! Now, go to the OSR website and download the Project Data Sheet.  PLEASE NOTE:  The Project Data Sheet is NOT available on Cayuse 424.  Fill out the PDS, paying particular attention to the budget information requested on the second page. Get the required signatures and bring it with your award check or award letter to OSR. We will sign off on the PDS and then take it to the Controller’s Office. They will set up a separate account for your grant award from which you can draw funds to pay for your approved grant activities.