Sponsored Research & Federal Relations

First Steps

Have you been awarded a grant? Congratulations!

Here's some things you'll need to do next.

Notify our office

Contact us to let us know you received the grant.

Project Data Sheet

Download and fill out the current year Project Data Sheet (NOT available through Cayuse 424)

  • Attach the official award documentation sent by the sponsor
  • Route for all required signatures and send to our office
  • The Controller’s Office will give you the new grant Budget Code once the Project Data Sheet is received. Use the code to spend the award dollars as you proposed.

Grant Activity Report

To assist you with grant tracking and reporting, the Grant Activity Report is available through theFort under the ‘reports’ tab. Click here to see the step by step instructions.

Funding and invoicing process

It is important to know how your grant will be funded by the granting agency. Every grant is different, but grants are typically funded two ways:

  1. Funding is provided at the beginning of the grant performance period.
  2. Funding is provided on a reimbursement basis after expenses have been incurred on the grant.

Review your grant award agreement to determine how your grant will be funded.

If your grant is to be funded at the beginning of the performance period, a check will be in route from the granting agency to the College. Most checks are automatically routed to the Controller’s Office, but if the PI receives the grant check first, please route it to the Senior Accountant in the Controller’s Office to be deposited to your grant.

If your grant is to be funded on the reimbursement basis, the Senior Accountant in the Controller’s office will be preparing invoices in accordance with your grant agreement. When the grant has been officially processed and approved internally, the PI will receive an email from the Senior Accountant with a grant org number. After the PI received the grant org number, they can begin making expenditures with the grant funds. The award money does not need to be received by FLC prior to expenditures being made on the grant; however, the grant expenditures are required to be in accordance with the grant agreement and budget. If the grant is a multi-year grant, the PI can only expend funds that have been approved for the current period – expenditures cannot be made with future funding unless that future funding has been formally approved by the granting agency.

How to pay a professor or faculty member

Does your grant include salary dollars for you or other faculty members? In order to get paid properly you need to work with the Senior Accountant to fill out an EAS form. Faculty members are subject to academic year and summer salary limitations. The Senior Accountant will help you determine the payout schedule from the grant(s). Do not include fringe/benefits expenses on the EAS form, the fringe/benefits amount will automatically follow the salary dollars. Stipends or lump sum payments are also paid through an EAS form for research assistants. Go to Human Resources forms.

How to make purchases

Does your grant include funds to make purchases or funding for travel expenses? If so, you need to understand FLC’s procurement and travel policies and procedures. Go to the Purchasing and Travel Office.

How to pay a student or hourly employee

Does your grant include funds to pay for a student worker or hourly employee? In order to get your staff paid, you will need to fill out a CARF form. Before filling out the CARF form you need to make sure your grant has a budget and the funding to pay the employee. You will also need to determine the hourly rate for the employee, and the number of hours or days you want the worker. Students are limited to working 20 hours per week or less during the academic year. Hourly workers cannot be paid less than Colorado’s minimum wage, currently at $9.30. Go to Human Resources forms.