Sponsored Research & Federal Relations

Submit a Grant

Grant Submission Overview

6-4 weeks
arrow Preparation
4-2 weeks
arrow Review
1 week prior  
arrow Submission
last week

Find a Federal grant opportunity using Cayuse 424 Opportunities tab OR find a non-Federal opportunity

Meet with OSR (for proposal preparation advice and/or Cayuse 424 training manuals)

Develop proposal

File IRB Application
if necessary

Solicit letters of support


Prepare your budget using Cayuse 424 RR Budget tab (all grants)

Write narrative, collect support letters, and get other supporting documents

Ask OSR for other documents if required

Prepare your proposal on Cayuse 424 Proposal tab (all grants)


Route your proposal for internal approvals using the Cayuse 424 Routing and Approval page associated with your proposal (all grants)

Resolve any issues that emerge

Finalize Federal proposals for submission on Cayuse 424 Proposal tab

Finalize non-Federal proposal for submission as per sponsor requirements


Work with OSR to submit (all grants)

If submitting via Cayuse 424 to Grants.gov, do so 7 days prior to deadline

If submitting a non-Federal proposal, do so as per sponsor requirements

Detailed Information on the Submission Process

The Office of Sponsored Research and Federal Relations (OSR) will assist FLC faculty and staff throughout the submission process. Please contact our office at least one week prior to submission, so that we are best able to accommodate all requests.

GREAT NEWS!  OSR has officially entered the 21st century!  Via our NEW electronic submission software, Cayuse 424, FLC faculty and staff are now able to search for Federal grant opportunities, prepare a proposal, route it via email for internal approvals, and submit it… all electronically!   The process is slightly different for non-Federal grant proposals but will be just as easy and intuitive.  Cayuse 424 will improve the speed and accuracy of the grant search, preparation and submission process at FLC.  WE WILL TRAIN YOU! Contact us for more information or check out these Cayuse 424 training modules for yourself.

How to Apply for a Grant

1. Determine the best sponsor to approach.

Your Role: Determine the best sponsor to approach.  Use Cayuse 424 to search for Federal grant opportunities or search outside Cayuse 424 for non-Federal opportunities.

OSR Role: In addition to searching via Cayuse 424, we have created a resource page for you to locate funding opportunities, called “Find Funding.” We will also meet with you to discuss funding opportunities including a review of the submission guidelines.

Tip: Keep in mind that a search for the best sponsor to approach can take up to 40-60 hours and that most proposals require 4-6 weeks to prepare.

Find Funding
Cayuse 424

2. Let the right people know you intend to apply.

Your Role: Discuss your proposed project with your colleagues, Department Chair, Dean and any other FLC faculty or staff members who might contribute to the development of your proposal.

OSR Role: We can facilitate discussions between you and others on campus who may be able to help in the development of your proposal.

3. Develop your proposal.

Your Role: As the project leader (also known as the Principal Investigator or PI), you will be responsible for writing the narrative, creating the budget, collecting any letters of support, and completing any other elements of the proposal required by the sponsor.

OSR Role: We can help structure the writing process, determine rhetorical strategy and review the narrative and budget as it develops. Please meet with us to discuss your project. We will provide you with as much or as little assistance as you want or need. We also provide you with organizational information such as copies of the 501(c) 3 letter, names of the board of directors, or the most recent audited financials.

Grant Writing Resources

4. Create your budget.

Your Role: Your budget is the translation of your proposal into financial reality, ensuring that you will be able to conduct your project successfully. Be specific and careful as you estimate the resources you will need. The budget section in Cayuse 424 will ensure accurate, complete and comprehensive budget development for federal proposals.

OSR Role: We will work with you step by step to complete your budget ensuring that the costs are reasonable, allocable, consistent with FLC policies, and compliant with sponsor guidelines and in accordance with OMB Circular A-21.

Cayuse 424

5. Ensure research integrity and compliance.

Your Role: If your work involves human or animal subjects, you may need to work with the IRB Committee and/or Animal Subject Group.

OSR Role: Talk to us about compliance issues related to your work. If you are entering a contract, for example, we will work with FLC legal counsel to review the terms and conditions.

Animal Care and Use Application – contact Erin Lehmer in the Biology Dept. at Lehmer_e@fortlewis.edu

6. Review all materials prior to submission.

Your Role: You will want to give your proposal the same attention to detail you employ in your scholarship and other professional activities.

OSR Role: We will review your submission materials and make suggestions for strengthening your proposal.

7. Route the proposal for signatures.

WE NO LONGER USE THE GRANT APPROVAL FORM.  PLEASE ROUTE YOUR PROPOSAL USING THE CAYUSE ROUTING AND APPROVAL PAGE ASSOCIATED WITH YOUR PROPOSAL IN CAYUSE 424.  Contact Cynthia Stengel via email or phone, 970-247-7044, for help or use the Cayuse training materials.  If you are preparing a non-Federal proposal, see Forms & Resources.

Your Role: Use Cayuse 424’s electronic proposal routing system (found on the Routing and Approvals page associated with your proposal) to electronically send a request for internal approval of your proposal to the appropriate people via email notification.  They will be able to review your proposal budget and narrative and approve or retract your proposal with comments.  You will be able to monitor the progress of your proposal at any stage of the routing process.  As before, be sure to give your Department Chair, Dean and VP sufficient time to review your proposal materials! Once all those listed on your routing chain have approved your proposal, it comes to OSR.   We will check it carefully and then route it via Cayuse 424 for the remaining signatures.

If matching funds from FLC are being requested, it must be documented on the Cayuse 424 routing form.  See Sponsored Research Projects 12-5.

OSR Role: We will carefully review the Grant Approval Form before routing it for the remaining signatures. Once all signatures have been included, the GAF returns to OSR and the submission may move forward.

Cayuse 424
Cayuse Training Materials
Forms & Resources
Cost Sharing Requirements for Sponsored Research Projects 12-5

8. Submit.

Your Role: Be aware of the rules the funder has established regarding submission and follow them.   Cayuse 424 streamlines the submission process for all federal grants.  However, you should still plan to submit your grant seven (7) days ahead of the posted deadline date so that any problems with submission can be addressed without putting the proposal at risk of missing the deadline.

For non-federal grants, you will submit your proposal as per the sponsor’s requirements.  It is always best to submit the grant in advance of the due date to avoid unforeseen problems.


OSR Role:

With Cayuse 424 there is no need to know the intricacies of the different Federal submission portals.  Cayuse “translates” your proposal information into the appropriate format, although you only use one form.  If this is the first time you are submitting via Cayuse, talk to OSR first so we can help you learn how to do it properly.  For non-federal proposal, OSR can also help prepare hard copies and mail-in submissions as required by the sponsor.

PLEASE NOTE:   For Federal proposals, OSR asks you to submit all materials to us one week prior to the posted deadline to avoid any unforeseen problems. 

9. Follow up.

Your Role: Once you receive confirmation that your submission was received, the hardest part – waiting--begins. Whether your proposal has been accepted or rejected, you will likely want to contact the program officer to express your gratitude for being considered, learn more about the strengths and weaknesses of your proposal, and determine your next steps.

OSR Role: We will assist you with all proposal follow up by discussing the feedback you received from the sponsor and will assist you to improve your proposal’s chances for your next submission. If an award has been made, we will advise you about completing the Project Data Sheet and the remaining steps necessary to set up your project accounts.  

PLEASE NOTE:  The Project Data Sheet is NOT available through Cayuses 424.  Please use the link below.

Project Data Sheet