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Mountain lion exhibit at FLC Center for Southwest Studies
Mountain Lion! an exhibit at the FLC Center of
Southwest Studies is funded through grants from
the Colorado Division of Wildlife, Southern Ute
Tribe, Safari Club International—Four Corners
Chapter, Sorrel Sky Gallery, Dr. Scholls Foundation,
the Ballantine Family Fund, and the Coutts and
Clark Western Foundation.
Photo: Robert Winslow, Durango, CO.

Support for faculty research and other projects may be found from a variety of funding sources. The most important factor in the selection of appropriate funders is how well your project matches the agency’s funding goals. A project may potentially have several avenues worth pursuing.

Search Engines

FLC is a member campus of the Grants Resource Center (GRC), a service of the American Association of State Colleges and Universities. The GRC offers the following services to FLC faculty and staff:

  • The GrantSearch database promotes efficient searching for higher education funding;
  • A Funded Proposal Library allows access to successful applications;
  • Agency Summaries describe priorities of federal and private funders; and
  • Campus Policy Statements on a range of topics-from intellectual property to research ethics-disseminate best practices.

Contact us for the GRC login information. FLC faculty and staff can also request a personalized, Custom GRC Search by completing a Custom Search request form.

Government Agencies

The federal government provides funding support for research and programs in the sciences, humanities and education. You can now search all currently posted federal grant opportunities using Cayuse 424 (“Opportunities”), which links to grants.gov, the official clearinghouse for federal opportunities.


A private foundation is a nonprofit nongovernmental institution that has its own governing body and is supported by an endowment and/or by donations. Private foundations tend to support research and creative activity that complements the foundation’s mission and objectives. For more information about potential foundation sponsors suitable for your project, or to check out the Colorado Grants Guide, please contact the Office of Sponsored Research and Federal Relations (OSR).


The role corporations play in supporting scholarly research and creative activity has changed significantly since 1982, when tax law changes permitted deductions of 10% of net income. Corporations operate in a highly competitive market environment and routinely seek innovative ways to assist their employees, meet their objectives, and market their brand. They increasingly seek opportunities to reinforce their ongoing activities, especially if these can be leveraged in productive and/or profitable ways. Corporations offer grants through corporate giving programs for human services, cultural and community projects, and offer contracting opportunities for research and development. For more information about approaching a prospective corporate grant maker, please contact OSR.

Private Individuals

Not all projects can be funded by federal agencies, private foundations or corporations. At times, the best prospect may be a private individual. In these cases, the Fort Lewis College Foundation will assist you with such requests.