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Classic red “sprites,” electrical discharges
in the mesosphere taken from an airborne
research platform flying at 45,000 ft.
Also visible are cloud tops (horizontal line
at bottom), scattered light from massive
lightning strikes (white/blue glow)
and stars (specs in background.)
Dr. Ryan Haaland, Physics/Engineering,
studies the underlying physics of this
phenomena in collaboration with the
University of Alaska Fairbanks and
 the U. S. Air Force Academy. The
research is funded by the National Science
Foundation.  (Photo: Jason Ahrns, UAF)

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All proposals must be routed for internal approvals via Cayuse 424 PRIOR to submission to the sponsor.  For non-Federal proposals, use these guides to #1 create your non-federal proposal in Cayuse 424, #2 enter your budget, #3 complete the summary page, and #4 route your proposal for approvals in Cayuse 424.  For questions or assistance, contact Cynthia Stengel.


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