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You can provide permission to others (parents, grandparents, employers, etc) to view your bills and make payments through Student Account Suite which you reach through theFort.  To give permission to others, select the Authorized Users tab in Student Account Suite and simply enter the email address of the person you wish to Authorize… then answer Yes or No to the two questions shown and click on Add User – all set!  If you decide at a later date that you no longer want that person to have access, you can simply delete them.   They will even receive emails just like you do when bills are generated.

Fort Lewis College no longer sends out paper bills.  However, through Student Account Suite, you can give your parents or others permission to access your account.  See “How can I get my bills to my parents or others?” above for additional information.

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For more detailed information for Fall, Spring and Summer Term assessments, please refer to the current Tuition and Fee Schedule.

If you receive a scholarship or grant to pay some, or all, of your expenses to attend Fort Lewis College, the scholarship or grant may or may not be taxable income to you for your federal income tax purposes. Generally, the amount will not be taxable if you are a degree candidate and the amount was used to pay tuition, mandatory fees, or books, supplies, and equipment required for your courses. Generally, the amount will be taxable if it was used to pay other expenses such as room and board.

For more information, read IRS Topic 421, Scholarships and Fellowships, available at: 

or visit the IRS website for questions and answers on scholarships at:,,id=199750,00.html .


The College Opportunity Fund provides a tuition stipend for eligible undergraduate students who attend participating public and private colleges and universities in the state of Colorado. This stipend pays a portion of your total in-state tuition. Eligible students who do not apply or do not authorize the college or university to request this funding will be responsible for paying the full amount of their tuition.


Fall and SpringTerms:
Those students registering for 11 credit hours or less will be charged by the credit hour (in-state or out-of-state). Students who take from 12 credit hours up to and including 18, during either the Fall or Spring term will be charged full tuition based on the current tuition rates. Fees are per credit hour.  Students registering for more than 18 credit hours will be assessed an additional charge per credit hour. To calculate your tuition and fees, please refer to the current Tuition and Fee Schedule. In-state residents, also see “What is the College Opportunity Fund” to lower your final costs.
Summer Term:
All Students registered for any five-week Summer Session will be charged per credit hour for tuition and fees (in-state or out-of-state). To calculate your tuition and fees, please refer to the current Tuition and Fee Schedule.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express at 970-247-7380.   Cash, personal check, money orders, cashier’s checks, or credit cards at the cashier’s window or by mail, but don’t send cash in the mail! You can pay with VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express or Electronic Funds transfer (ACH) transaction through Student Account Suite by logging in to theFort.  Payment plans are available for the Fall and Spring terms once the billing has been issued, also through Student Account Suite.

Students who are registered for classes and decide not to attend have the responsibility to cancel classes before the first day of the relevant term or summer session. Non-attendance does not constitute cancelation.To cancel your classes, follow the instructions at WITHDRAW.

If a student experiences problems with any of the above process, he/she must contact the Registrar’s Office immediately at 160 Miller Student Center, or call (970) 247-7350. If you have signed a housing contract, it must be canceled separately. Contact the Housing Office at (970) 247-7503

You may be eligible for scholarships, grants, loans or student employment. The first and most important step is to complete an application early. Go to Financial Aid for more information.

A student billing email is generated to the students email address approximately four weeks prior to the start of Fall and Spring terms indicating that a new statement has been generated and is available for viewing and giving instructions as to how to access the statement. PLEASE NOTE: No paper bill will be sent. Any change to the amount due will cause a new email to be sent. Billing emails for Summer sessions will be sent approximately two weeks prior to the start of the session. The student is responsible for payment of all charges, including tuition, fees, room, and board. Access to view and pay bills is available for parents or others through Student Account Suite. 


In most cases, the financial aid a student is to receive each term will be automatically credited when the student confirms full-time enrollment (at least 12 credit hours). Any funds awarded in excess of the direct charges due and payable to the institution will normally be made available to the student at the beginning of the term.
Checks for excess financial aid funds will be available the first day of class if the student early registers as a full time student. Aid will not be processed until the student's financial aid file is complete. eRefunds are available through Student Account Suite and will allow the funds to be in the eRefund account prior to the start of school as long as the student has correctly set up the account and confirmed his/her enrollment.
Financial Aid is applied as it is awarded and received. You must accept your financial aid electronically on your WebOPUS account.   Go to Financial Aid for more information.
When financial aid exceeds the amount of institutional charges, a refund will be made available. The initial refund is created for the student when all aid credits at the same time. If the Federal Direct Parent Loan disburses after other aid has credited, a refund will be produced for the parent borrower unless designated otherwise on the Federal Direct Parent Loan promissory note.

Payment of the total amount due or set up of a Payment Plan along with the first installment by the published Census Date.  Census Date is approximately two weeks after the start of the Fall and Spring terms and the fifth day of each Summer Session.  A $100.00 late fee will be assessed on balances greater than $500.00 after Census Date.

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