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There are three executive teams running in this years election. Vote April 3rd through 5th. Here is a little information about your candidates and their platforms. Be on the lookout for public speaking forums coming up. The first will be held in the Vallecito Room in the Union on March 23rd from 1-2. The second forum will be held in the Union next to the fireplace on March 30th from 1-2 again. Your executive team will be YOUR voice to the school, administration, and Board of Trustees of FLC. ASFLC is aiming for a 40% student turnout in this election (considering it's on average 7% across the nation)-- we need you. Should 7% of the student body decide YOUR representatives? Have a say! Please contact Meryl Ramsey at mkramsey@fortlewis.edu or Jordyn Abrams at jlabrams@fortlewis.edu if you have any questions or concerns.


Ian McPherson and Chance Salway

Ian McPherson and Chance Salway are excited to be running for Student Body President and Vice President. Ian is a junior marketing major from Boulder, Colorado, and is currently a Senator this year. Ian is a varsity cycling student-athlete with a passion about campus sustainability and environmental ethics. By running for President, Ian wants to show that student-athletes can be engaged with school activities -- they don’t have to be consumed by their sport. Ian will use his marketing background to promote and engage students in activities, clubs, and events.
Chance is a junior Biology major at Fort Lewis pursuing Dentistry school. He is very passionate about helping others as well promoting a safe and fun academic environment here at Fort Lewis. Chance is a member of the Oglala Sioux tribe and proudly supports the cultural diversity here on campus. By becoming Vice President, Chance will stand up for the voices who feel they are not heard and support decisions that benefit all students.

As well as supporting the students in STEM, Ian and Chance will stand up for the interests of every program here on campus as well as our liberal arts education. As students, we must promote critical thinking among the student body and preserve Fort Lewis’s status as one of the few public liberal arts schools left. As President and Vice President, Ian and Chance will effectively communicate the will of the students to our administration and advocate transparency throughout. Ian and Chance genuinely love the community of Fort Lewis College and want every student to have a positive and engaging experience. Vote for Ian and Chance.

Dustin Fink and Ian Fullinwider

Dustin is a Junior from Tulsa, Oklahoma. He is a double major in Biochemistry and Cellular and Molecular Biology. Dustin hopes to attend medical school after graduating from Fort Lewis. He is the current president of the Fort Lewis Chemistry Club. Dustin has also been one of ASFLC Student Senate’s most vocal and active Senators this term. He served in the United Sates Air Force at Wilford Hall Medical Center, a hospital in San Antonio, Texas serving wounded servicemen and retired veterans. As President, Dustin will advocate for the rights of every student in both Student Senate and to the administration. 

Izzy Farrell and Alyssa Yocky

Izzy Farrell is a junior from Princeton Junction, New Jersey with a passion for social justice and the incredible diversity of Fort Lewis College. She is a Common Ground Facilitator, Vice President of Feminist Voice, Programming Chair of SUP, Online Editor for The Independent, and will be an orientation leader this fall! Izzy has been covering ASFLC meetings for the Indy since early September, and has a clear vision of what she hopes to accomplish in 2017-2018.

Izzy fell in love with Durango after visiting on a road trip with her best friends after high school. She spent two years as a Materials Science and Engineering major at the University of Maryland honors college before deciding to take a chance and move to Colorado.

Alyssa Yocky is a sophomore from Albuquerque, New Mexico. She is a Cellular and Molecular Biology major with a minor in Rhetoric of Inquiry and plans on attending medical school after graduation in hopes of becoming an orthopedic surgeon.  She is the Treasurer of the Pre-Health Club, a member of the John F. Reed Honors Program, and a starter on the FLC Women’s Basketball team.

Alyssa is passionate about representing her fellow student-athletes and creating a more engaging and inclusive environment for all students. Alyssa plans on pushing for more involvement and funding for our Honors Program to help create a more competitive and enriching academic environment for students looking for a rigorous and rewarding community. She also plans on fighting for liberal arts and making sure that everyone’s voice is heard.

As president and vice president Izzy and Yocky promise to tackle the important issues head on. Enrollment is down, tuition is up, and huge decisions like the 3/4 credit change have been made without hearing what students have to say! This needs to change, and with Izzy and Yocky it will.

Important dates

April 4th through the 6th

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