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PURPOSE: To provide a holistic approach to health and wellness, empowering and encouraging Fort Lewis College students as well as the greater community.

VISION: Self-education through peer education


WellPAC meets Wednesdays at 5pm in the Cascade Room in the Student Union


The Wellness Peer Advisory Council (WellPAC) is a student-led health & wellness organization aimed at promoting healthy choices among FLC students. WellPAC reaches out to the campus through a humanistic approach, aiming to meet students where they are at with their physical, social, and emotional health.  >

Through educational programs, small groups, outreach efforts and peer consultations using Motivational Interviewing techniques, WellPAC hopes to provide resources for students that will support them to be happy, healthy, and successful FLC students!


WellPAC offers a wealth of opportunities for FLC students.  Members participate in programs and services on campus that truly change and build a more healthy and safe campus community.  It's a great way to get involved, make new friends, travel to national and regional conferences, build your resume and experience in a variety of professional fields, and become more aware of your own personal wellness goals.

Members are also eligible for training and certification with the The BACCHUS Network as a Certified Peer Educator in addition to opportunities to  serve on the leadership team where academic credit may be available.  We hope you will consider joining WellPAC today!   Click here if you're interested!


Some examples of WellPAC programming include:

  • Alcohol Screenings & Education
  • Sexual Health Education & Resources
  • Tobacco Education & Cessation Groups
  • Mental Health Awareness Campaigns & Resources
  • Safe Spring Break Preparation
  • Sexual Assault Prevention
  • Healthy Eating Education & Resources



For questions about WellPAC contact:

Kevin Gardner, WellPAC President

Kendra Gallegos Reichle, WellPAC Advisor