Be proactive about your sexual health!

People make a lot of decisions in college….what major to pursue, what student organizations to join, when is best to study, what is best to eat, where to live...the list goes on. College can also be a time for deciding whether or not to be sexually active, what relationships look like, what types of protection to use, what affirmative consent looks like, etc. We are here to help you navigate this territory! Check out some of these great resources:


According to the CDC, about half of the 20 million new sexually transmitted infections (STIs) diagnosed each year are among people under 25. Get yourself tested and protected at our on campus health center. Located at 170 Miller Student Services, the health center provides contraceptive care, HIV & STI testing (periodically they offer free HIV testing discounted STI testing – check their webpage for more info), and more! Call to make an appointment: (970) 247-7355.

Have a question? You can submit your sexual health questions to Jane Cobb, Nurse Practitioner at the Health Center here: It's anonymous!


Sexual well-being. Safe sex. Sexuality. It’s all out from under the covers at, the hub for Colorado’s statewide effort to reduce unintended pregnancy and promote honest, open conversation about sexual health. FLC’s Student Wellness Initiatives has teamed up with to offer a variety of educational resources (including FREE CONDOMS AND LUBE- stop by the WellPAC Peer Educator Office at 179 Student Union in the Leadership Center to pick some up!). Learn more at:


WellPAC is available for educational programming and on one on peer educator appointments to talk about sexual health and help you figure out where to get started and what on and off campus resources might be most helpful. Check the WellPAC Peer Educator Office webpage for updated walk in hours or appointment times. If you’d like to arrange for someone from WellPAC or Student Wellness Initiatives to facilitate a sexual health educational program, please fill out our collaboration request form or contact the program coordinator for more info!


Horny the Sex Box

Planned Parenthood of Durango

Gender and Sexuality Studies

The G - Gender and Sexuality Resource Center

FLC CARE - Campus Assault Resources & Education