International Programs and Study Abroad

Application Process



  • Be at least sophomore standing
  • 2.5 cumulative GPA (Some programs require higher GPA)
  • A good academic and social standing (no academic disciplinary probation)
  • Sign up for required classes: GS250 and GS251
  • Must be full time enrolled student semester prior to term abroad

What is GS250?

GS250 and GS251 are required for students who intend to study abroad through International Programs Office.  Students participating on FLC faculty run program (such as Innovative month and Junior Trimester Abroad) are not required to take these classes, but are welcome.

Students can take GS250 any semester before studying abroad and is designed to help students investigate the numerous destinations and programs available to them, as well as how these programs fit within the Fort Lewis College curriculum and credit transferability guidelines.  Students will need to pass GS250 in order to sign up for GS251.  This course is graded Pass/Fail.

What is GS251?

Students are required to have passing GS250 grade and instructor’s signature to sign up for GS251.  This course is taken the semester directly prior to study abroad.  If you plan to study abroad in Fall Semester 2015, you are to take GS251 in Spring Semester 2015.

Students will be required to research their prospective programs, becoming informed on the current political, cultural and bureaucratic specifics of their chosen country and region.  While enrolled in this course, students will complete the application process for their selected programs.  This course is graded Pass/Fail.

Program Types:

  • USAC
  • ISEP Exchange
  • Partner Exchange
    • Students pay FLC tuition & fee and go to one of FLC partner schools.
  • Direct Enrollment
    • Students apply directly to foreign institution as international student and pay tuition and fee directly to a host institution.
  • Study Abroad Provider
    • Students pay tuition and fee directly to third party study abroad provider.

WHAT you need to do...and WHEN you need to do it:

September or 

October or 

November or

December or 

  • Enroll in GS250 via Webopus (NO pre-requisites)
  • If you've already completed GS250, enroll in GS251 (Pre-requisites: GS250/instructor's signature)
  • GS250 and 251 are required for all international programs that are not run by FLC faculty.


  • Read online lessons in Canvas. 
  • Check individual program admission deadlines. Each program has different deadlines.    
  • Complete pre-application packets. ONLY completed application packets are accepted.


  • Deadlines for Exchange Programs
  • International Programs Office Application reviews.
  • Start look into student visa and apply through appropriate consulate or embassy. This is YOUR responsibility.
  • Housing, transportation, and course registration procedures arranged.
  • Make an appointment through IPO for Exit interview and final review of program specifics
  • Attend pre-departure orientation
  • Make sure you are registered properly in Webopus.
  • Complete travel plans.

And while you are away...

  • Be smart and stay safe.
  • Keep in touch with loved ones
  • Study hard, play hard, and absorb all you can.