Global Citizen Experiential Ed - EGC 300

The Global Citizen Experiential Ed Course (EGC 300) allows students who have studied abroad through the International Programs Office to fulfill one of the two course requirements for upper-division general education. The course includes preparing a paper and making a presentation of that paper to a relevant campus audience (in a course or as part of a co-curricular event).

The paper and associated presentation should incorporate both research and reflection and demonstrate achievement of the EGC outcomes, which are as follows:

  • Develop an awareness of global relationships by:
    • Exploring the interconnections of global environments, systems, and cultures.
    • Exploring the interface between the responsibilities among the individual, local community, and the global community.
  • Critically analyze and address global problems or topics using knowledge of diverse cultural perspectives.
  • Synthesize knowledge from multiple disciplines to address specific global problems or topics.
  • Demonstrate advanced skills in oral and written communication and critical thinking.

A successful EGC 300 paper and presentation will earn 3 credits.

Dr. Robert Bunting
Room 289, Center of Southwest Studies