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Fort Lewis College (FLC) offers Colorado teaching licensure programs in several areas under the direction of its Department of Teacher Education.  Undergraduate students admitted to Fort Lewis College choose the approved major that corresponds to the chosen licensure area as shown below. With very careful planning from the beginning of their freshman year, students may complete their chosen licensure program in four years. 

Licensure Program/Approved Major:

  • Early Childhood Education Licensure (Birth to grade 3) 
  • Elementary Education Licensure (grades K-6)
  • Secondary English Licensure (grades 7-12)
  • Secondary History - Social Studies Licensure (grades 7-12)   
  • Secondary Mathematics Licensure (grades 7-12)  
  • Secondary Science Licensure (grades 7-12)
    • Biology
    • Chemistry
  • Secondary Theatre (grades 7-12) 
  • Art Licensure (grades K-12)
  • Music Licensure (grades K-12)
  • Physical Education Licensure (grades K-12)
  • Spanish Licensure (grades K-12)

Post-Baccalaureate (Post-Bac) Licensure Program:Students who have earned a Bachelor’s Degree may choose to enter any one of the above licensure programs as Post-Bac students.  As they are not seeking a degree, they are admitted to FLC under the category:  Unclassified with degree, teacher certification, Education. The time to complete the Post-Bac licensure program varies by program and depends on courses that may be applied to the program from the student’s undergraduate curriculum.

Additional Licensure Options:Students in all licensure programs may seek an add-on licensure (or endorsement) in Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education (often referred to as English as a Second Language).  Students who have added licensure in Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education may also seek an add-on licensure in Linguistically Diverse Education Specialist: Bilingual Preparation.  As both of these add-on licensure programs entail additional coursework, students should expect that the time needed to complete both the primary licensure program and an add-on will exceed four years. Students interested in this option should speak with Jennifer Rider, EBH 254 or jrider@fortlewis.edu.

It is also possible for students to become licensed in both Elementary Education and Early Childhood Education without additional coursework.  Students interested in this option should speak with their advisor or with the Director of Teacher Education.

Program Curricula: There are three major parts to each program’s curriculum: Liberal Arts Core courses, Content and Auxiliary courses, and Education coursesA minimum of 120 credits are required for graduation and with careful planning students in all programs can complete their curriculum in four years with 120-126 total credits.

Students in the Post-Bac program are not responsible for courses in the Liberal Arts Core, as it is assumed they completed a similar general education curriculum as a requirement for their Bachelor’s Degree.

ED 222: During the first or second term of their freshman year, or as early as possible for transfer and Post-Bacs, students are strongly encouraged to enroll in the introductory Education course ED 222 (Education: Global Perspectives).  This course often helps students determine whether they are interested in the field of teaching and provides a context for future study.

Advising: During their first term at FLC, students in all teaching options are assigned to an FLC faculty member who will be their academic advisor for the remainder of their program.  Students seeking licensure in a K-12 or 7-12 program are assigned to a faculty advisor in their major or in Teacher Education. Students seeking licensure in Elementary Education and Early Childhood Education are assigned to a faculty advisor in Teacher Education.

In consultation with their academic advisor, and during their first term, students should plan a program of studies that will qualify them to graduate and meet licensure requirements in a four year period, if that is their goal. To meet this goal student will want to choose, in consultation with their advisor, a number of courses that will count for both theLiberal Arts Core and Content and Auxiliary coursework. For example, in History’s Social Studies for Secondary Teachers Option, Geography 110 is a required auxiliary course.  Students may also choose this course to count for one of the courses required for the Liberal Arts Core.

Regular meetings with one’s academic advisor are encouraged.  Each term in order to register for courses for the subsequent term, students are required to first meet with their academic advisor.


Contact Information:

Dr. Richard Fulton, Director
Education & Business Hall, RM 244

Mailing Address:

Teacher Education Department
Fort Lewis College
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