Teacher Education Department

PERC Growth Plan

The goal of the Teacher Education Department faculty is to support student's growth as a future teacher. If a member of the Teacher Education Department (TED) faculty has concerns regarding a student's performance in TED courses and/or field study they will work with the student in developing a PERC growth plan to improve this pattern in the future.

In addition to expectations in individual courses, the TED also has Professional Expectations for all students in the program. These expectations consist of traits that are crucial for a student's  success in college, in their field placements, and as a professional educator in schools.

Teacher Ed Department Professional Expectations

  1. Attendance and Punctuality are consistent
  2. Handles absences professionally
  3. Comes to class and field experiences prepared
  4. Completes assignments in their entirety and on time
  5. Engages in Reflection on course content and field practice and observations
  6. Reacts positively to suggestions and opportunities for improvement
  7. Demonstrates sound judgment and ethical professional behavior
  8. Shows initiative in assuming teaching responsibilities
  9. Dresses appropriately for the situation and context when at field study sites and placements
  10. Displays respect for others, trustworthiness dependability, honesty, integrity, and care
  11. Demonstrates effective communication with other adults, advocates for own needs, and handles situations with appropriate autonomy
  12. Exhibits positive attitude toward the teaching profession
  13. Able to maintain composure under stress
  14. Adjusts to unexpected events and emergency situations
  15. Maintains students’ privacy and confidentiality of information