Teacher Education Department

Student Teaching

All students admitted to the Teacher Education program will student teach in their final term at FLC.  Secondary students and K-12 students must have all other course work completed prior to student teaching. Secondary students and K-12 Spanish students register for ED 495 and other K-12 students register for both ED 495 and ED 494.  Students in the Elementary Education and Early Childhood Education program register for all courses in Immersion Term three.

Students must meet all requirements in order to student teach.  This includes having passed their required content test by the beginning of the term preceding student teaching.

All students must attend a mandatory meeting in the first week of the term prior to their intended student teaching term. Applications for student teaching are distributed at this meeting and must be submitted by the deadline announced at this meeting, typically three weeks after the meeting.  For more information, students should contact Will Camp, Coordinator of Field Experiences, EBH 242.  Students may apply to student teach in the Durango area or in out-of-area school districts.

Out-of-Area Student Teaching

Reasonable attempts will be made to approve students’ request to student teach out of area (more than 70 miles from Durango).  To be eligible for out of area student teaching, students must have demonstrated excellence in all aspects of their pre-student teaching field study and coursework. Students interested in this option should speak with Will Camp, Coordinator of Field Experiences, EBH 242, well in advance of the student teaching application term. Out of area student teaching entails a special fee to cover the additional cost of supervision.

It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken
joy in creative expression and knowledge.
- Albert Einstein