Teacher Education Department

Student Teaching Requirements

Students are qualified to student teach after:

  • Having completed 100% of their coursework prior to the student teaching term. 
  • Having achieved a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.75.
  • Having earned a minimum C (not C-) grade in all courses with an ED designation.  In addition, students must have earned a minimum B- grade in ED 222.
  • Having passed the approved PRAXIS II or PLACE content test. The support of teacher education faculty members.  Such support may be withstanding for violations of academic integrity or irresponsible actions in field experiences or course work. 

Petitioning for Admission to Student Teaching: Applicants who have not attained one or more of the above requirements may petition for a review by the Department’s Professional Education Review Committee (PERC).  

The PERC will review each case on its merits and not all PERC requests are granted.

        PERC Petition Form for Student Teaching