Fingerprints & Background Checks

Why? We assure schools hosting our students that you have passed a background check.

How? You must submit fingerprints to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, and complete a School District Badge application.

  • Check with the Teacher Education Administrative Assistant in EBH 249.
  • Initiate fingerprinting and background checks online with the State of Colorado.

Submit the completed packet and School District Badge application to the Teacher Education Administrative Assistant, located in EBH 249. Do not submit this on your own to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI), since results might not be directed to the state database we use for verification.

Cost: CBI currently charges $39.50 for this process. If it is a hardship to pay this, contact the Scholarship Chair:

William A. Camp
Coordinator of Field Experiences
Education & Business Hall, RM 242

This is a safety issue that we take very seriously. If you have been or are charged with a misdemeanor or felony, you must immediately cease going to any field placement, and inform the Director of Teacher Education as soon as possible, within seven days after being charged.

Background checks are required prior to taking these courses:

  • ED 341 – Foundations of Teaching
  • ED 327 – Children’s Literature
  • MU 314 – Methods & Principles of Teaching Vocal Music
  • MU 315 – Methods & Principles of Teaching Instrumental Music
  • MU 316 – Music in the Elementary School
  • Any other 400 level education course

Students who have not completed background checks but enroll in one of these courses will be dropped from that course by the end of the second week of the semester.