Teacher Education Department

Undergraduate and Transfer Students

Fort Lewis College Teacher Education Licensure Program

Fort Lewis College offers Colorado teaching licensure programs in several areas under the direction of its Department of Teacher Education (TED).  Undergraduate and transfer students admitted to Fort Lewis College choose the approved major, and its teaching option, that corresponds to the chosen licensure program as shown below.

Licensure Program/Approved Major:

  • Early Childhood Education Licensure (Birth to 3rd grade) 
  • Elementary Education Licensure (grades K-6)
  • Secondary History - Social Studies Licensure (grades 7-12)  
  • Secondary English Licensure (grades 7-12)
  • Secondary Mathematics Licensure (grades 7-12)
  • Secondary Science Licensure (grades 7-12)
    • Biology
    • Chemistry   
  • Secondary Theatre (grades 7-12)      
  • Art Licensure (grades K-12)
  • Music Licensure (grades K-12)
  • Physical Education Licensure (grades K-12)
  • Spanish Licensure (grades K-12)


The curriculum for all programs is composed of three parts: Courses in the Liberal Arts Core, courses in the specific content area, and education courses. Students can find the specific curriculum for their intended program above by choosing the link to their licensure program. In many cases, transfer students will have completed a number of courses in the Liberal Arts Core and in their content area.  Because of the nature of FLC education courses, few education courses beyond the introductory level taken elsewhere are accepted as equivalents.  All state transfer agreements are honored.

Transferring Credits into the Chosen Licensure Program:

When transfer students are admitted to Fort Lewis College, the Registrar’s Office will evaluate their transcripts to determine transferred courses that are equivalent to FLC’s courses. After their initial meeting with an FLC advisor to schedule courses for the next term, transfer students are strongly encouraged to schedule a meeting with the Director of Teacher Education. This important meeting serves several purposes: to acquaint the transfer student with the policies and processes for becoming a licensed teacher through the FLC program, to review the student’s program of choice to determine courses already completed in it, and to set a tentative plan of action for completing the program. In some cases, the Director of Teacher Education may suggest changes to the student’s schedule for the upcoming term.

Additional Endorsement Options:

Students in all licensure programs may seek an add-on licensure endorsement in Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education (often referred to as English as a Second Language). Since this add-on licensure program entails additional coursework, students should expect that the time needed to complete both the primary licensure program and an add-on will exceed four years.

Please see CLD Endorsement to view needed coursework.

Admission to the Program:  Once enrolled in the major’s teaching option, transfer students work toward meeting requirements for admission to the Teacher Education Licensure Program.  Many transfer students meet these admission requirements by the conclusion of their first term at FLC. Students must be admitted to the program in order to advance to any 400 level education course.

Admission to Student Teaching:

Students admitted to the program must subsequently meet requirements for admission to student teaching by the term preceding their intended student teaching term.  Student teaching out of the Durango area is allowed.


Upon successful completion of student teaching and all other program requirements, students are recommended to the Colorado Department of Education for their Colorado teaching licensure.  Students may be hired out of state with their Colorado licensure but must meet licensure requirements of the other state within a specified time (one or two years is the norm).  Licensure requirements vary by state, but most commonly, a state may require a different test than required by Colorado.

Contact Information:

Dr. Richard Fulton, Director
Education & Business Hall, RM 244

Mailing Address:

Teacher Education Department
Fort Lewis College
1000 Rim Drive
Durango, CO 81301