Teacher Education Department

Scholarship Process

1.  Please take a copy of the Scholarship Descriptions form or download this information from our CANVAS SITE within FIELD PRACTICUM//Scholarship Application.

2.  Read the Scholarship Descriptions document very carefully to determine which scholarships you qualify for.  You may apply for as many scholarships as you believe you are eligible. Deadline for scholarship submission is 12:00 noon, Monday, March 16.  (These documents must all be professionally presentable:  typed, well-written and neatly compiled.  Applicants for some scholarships are eliminated based on grammatical and spelling errors.)

3.  Obtain a copy of official transcripts from the Records Office.  To do this, please access the transcript link  http://www.fortlewis.edu/registrar/TranscriptRequest.aspx

Do not have the transcripts sent to your home: request a pick up of them (they process faster).

4.  Fill out the COMMON SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION FORM in all cases.  This form will work as an abstract for your total scholarship proposal.  Each scholarship descriptor lists, explicitly, criteria which must be met with documented evidence and proof.  Each criterion must have accompanying documentation. (In the case of more general terms such as “must demonstrate” or “with an interest in,” etc., a brief—and perfectly proofed—written statement should accompany the documents.)

  • For separate documents, you need not duplicate information already provided on the Common Scholarship Application Form.  Only one FAFSA form and one set of blue transcripts are necessary.
  • (The Barr Scholarship is an exception.   Because the Barr Scholarship applications are submitted to an independent panel, they must be thorough, separate, self-contained, and presented with professional polish. If you are applying for a Barr Scholarship, you should submit an additional set of transcripts.) 

4.  Assemble supplemental materials for each scholarship, if necessary.  Collate and clearly demarcate the name of the scholarship you are applying for on all documents.

Applications will be vetted by the TED Scholarship Committee.  Incomplete or poorly presented applications can be rejected.

In the interim between submission of the scholarship application and the award, you may be asked to attend an interview by specific scholarship panels or representatives.

5.  Recipients for most of these awards will be notified by email by the middle of May, 2015.  (Barr Scholarship awardees will not be notified until early in the Fall, 2015 semester.)

6.  Recipients, as a matter of common courtesy, are asked to write thank you notes to individual sponsors of these scholarships.  Addresses of these sponsors can be obtained from W. Camp.

7.  Award money is administered by the Fort Lewis College Foundation and the Office of Financial Aid.  Funds are transferred to student accounts and are used to defray tuition and other costs (as stated in the scholarship descriptions).  In the case of larger awards, cash rebates are provided if/when students’ college bills are reconciled.                              

Please ask Will Camp, EBH 242, to clarify if you have any questions.

                                                                                                                                                    Revised 2.10.15