Teacher Education Department

Fingerprinting for Background Checks

Fort Lewis College teacher education building

The submission of fingerprints for background checks is critical to the Teacher Education program as we have assured area schools that no student will enter field study without our Department having verified that a background check has been completed. Students who have been charged, or in the future are charged, with any misdemeanor or felony must cease going to any field experience immediately and must inform the Director of Teacher Education (EBH 244), as soon as possible but no later than seven days after being charged.

Background checks are required for the following courses and purposes:

  •  Admission to the Teacher Education Licensure Program.
  • Two 300 level education courses: ED 322 (Foundations of Teaching) and ED 327 (Children’s Literature and its co-requisite ED 328 (Children’s Literature Field Lab). 
  • All 400 level education courses.
  • Secondary English students (delete underline): English 483 (Methods and Materials for Teaching High School English).
  • K-12 Physical Education students (delete underline): ES 381 (Methods/Curriculum for K-12 Physical Education).
  • K-12 Music students (delete underline): Music 314 (Methods & Principles of Teaching Vocal Music), Music 315 (Methods & Principles of Teaching Instrumental Music) , Music 316 (Music in the Elementary Schools).

Before registering for any of the above courses or before applying for admission to Teacher Education, students must submit fingerprints and the School District Badge application to Michelle Celeste (EBH 249)Students should not submit the fingerprints on their own as they may not be directed to the state database we use to verify that fingerprints have been submitted.

Students who have not submitted fingerprints and filled out a school district badge application and enroll in any of the above courses are administratively removed from the course.

Most students take ED 222 and are fingerprinted during that course by the campus police and simply submit the fingerprint to Michelle Celeste at that time.  Students who are taking one of the above courses simultaneously with ED 222 or have not taken ED 222 should see Michelle Celeste for a fingerprint and badge packet. There is a charge (currently $39.50) that students submit to the state that accompanies fingerprint submission. Students with a hardship in that regard should speak to Scholarship Chair, Will Camp (EBH 242).

Students who think that they have already submitted fingerprints for another agency should see Michelle Celeste in EBH 249.  In a matter of moments, Michelle will check to see whether your name is listed on the Colorado Department of Education database.  This is the database through which our Department verifies that a background check has been conducted on our students who are enrolled in field study.  We have found that students who have provided fingerprints for another agency sometimes do and sometimes do not appear on the CDE Database.  If your name appears on the CDE database you will not be required to submit fingerprints to us.  If your name does not appear on the CDE database you will need to submit fingerprints through Michelle Celeste.