Teacher Education Department

Program Admission Requirements and Process

First-time Freshman Students (transfers and post-bacs see below) are encouraged to apply for admission to the Teacher Education Licensure Program as soon as they have met all requirements. 

  1. 30 earned credits. Students may apply with fewer than 30 credits if they meet application requirements 2-6 below.
  2. A minimum B- grade in ED 222 (Education: Global Perspectives).
  3. A minimum B- grade in ED 322 (Foundations of Teaching).
  4. Submission of fingerprints for a Colorado Bureau of Investigation background check. $39.50 submission fee.
  5. Attained a cumulative FLC GPA of at least 2.75.
  6. Degree seeking students only: Completed Comp 150 or Comp 126 or Comp 250 with a minimum C (not C-). Students must have completed this requirement for admission.
  7. Degree seeking students only: Completed one college level math or approved equivalent course with a minimum C (not C-). Remedial courses are not accepted as a fulfillment of this requirement. It is possible for students to be admitted prior to or while taking a math course, but they will still need to earn a minimum C in one college level math course as a requirement for student teaching.

Degree Seeking Students who meet all above requirements should complete the following online application found at  www.fortlewis.edu/teacheredapplication.


Transfer Students and Post-Bac Students (post-bac means students who have already earned a Bachelor's Degree) need to schedule an admittance appointment with the Director of Teacher Education by calling Michelle Celeste at 247-7291 or seeing her in EBH 249. Prior to the appointment, transfer and post-bac students must

  • Have submitted their fingerprints for a Colorado Bureau of Investigation background check. There is a $39.50 submission fee. Please see Michelle Celeste in EBH 249 for further details.    
  • Submit a brief essay (between 200-300 words) that describes two areas of strength as a future teacher and two areas of current improvement that will result in becoming a better teacher once you graduate. Use specific examples and be prepared to discuss this essay with the Director. Email your essay to fulton_r@fortlewis.edu prior to appointment.

** Transfer and Post-Bac students should email previous college transcripts to the Director at fulton_r@fortlewis.edu or bring hard-copies to your appointment.

Petitioning for Admission: Applicants who have not attained one or more of the above requirements may petition for admission to the Department’s Professional Education Review Committee (PERC). You can click on the link to download the PERC petition form and guidelines or obtain a copy from the Director of Teacher Education, EBH 244. The PERC is composed of three TED faculty members who review the applicant’s petition. The PERC will review each case on its merits and not all PERC requests are granted.