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Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

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Fort Lewis College Testing Center requires that appointments are made in advance. To make an appointment, call, email, or stop by the Testing Center 4 days in advance (14 days in advance for tests to be taken during final exam week).   After you make an appointment, your professor will be emailed to approve the date and time that you plan to test.  Your testing appointment should be as close as possible to the in class testing time.  Unfortunately, the testing center cannot guarantee availability without a scheduled appointment.

Students with testing accommodations may take their tests, once approved, in Noble Hall, Room 287, during the testing center’s hours of operation. Appointments are necessary and must be made 4 days prior to the course exam date.  It is highly recommended to make final exam appointments 14 days in advance. The student is responsible for notifying the Professor of his/her plan to take an exam in the FLC Testing Center and for scheduling the appointment with the testing center staff. 

Once an appointment is scheduled, changes to the date and/or time must be approved in writing by your professor.  Please notify the testing center staff once the approval is confirmed.

It is important that every effort is made to be on time for appointments.

Fort Lewis College Testing Center is responsible for providing services to students with documented disabilities and are approved for testing accommodations. Ms. Dian Jenkins, Director of Disability Services, will work with the student to determine if a reasonable accommodation is approved and what the accommodations will include. Fort Lewis College Testing Center will provide the reasonable accommodations based on the letter of accommodation (LOA) issued each semester by Ms. Dian Jenkins. If you think you may qualify for these services, contact Dian Jenkins [jenkins_d@fortlewis.edu or (970) 247-7459.

Please contact the Testing Center as soon as possible at (970) 382-6938 or testingcenter@fortlewis.edu if testing appointments need to be adjusted.  Contact your professor to discuss options for rescheduling.  After professor's approval is received, contact the Testing Center again to schedule the new date/time.  Testing Center staff will contact the professor to confirm approval.

Each professor decides how the Testing Center will receive the test. It is the student's responsibility to discuss this matter with their professor and notify the Testing Center when scheduling the appointment how it will be delivered for proctoring. Options include:

  • Test can be emailed to testingcenter@fortlewis.edu.
  • Test can be delivered by the faculty member to the Testing Center mailbox in Noble 280 or slipped under the door of room 287.
  • Test can be brought by student to the Testing Center if in a sealed and signed envelope.

The professor also decides how the Testing Center will returned the test. It is the student's responsibility to discuss this matter with their professor and notify the Testing Center how the professor wants it returned. Options include:

  • Test can be returned to the professor's office or mailbox by a Testing Center student worker.
  • Test can be sent back by student in a sealed and signed envelope.
  • Test can be picked up by the professor from the Testing Center mailbox in Noble 280.

Testing Center Policies


  • Students may only use the tools that their accommodations or their professors allow.
  • Students must surrender the test to the proctor at the end of the testing period.
  • The Testing Center is guided by the principles of academic integrity. Any student found cheating by the proctor will not be allowed to complete the test and will be reported to the professor and the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs.