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Accuplacer is a national skills assessment tool that was developed, standardized, and validated by the College Board, a division of the Educational Testing Service (which also administers the SAT, GRE, and TOEFL tests).  Fort Lewis College can use it for both course placement and basic skills determination.



Frequently Asked Questions

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You can take the Accuplacer exam once per semester.  The fee is $25.00 per exam seating.

Students may contact us to schedule an individual appointment to take an Accuplacer test during Testing Center Hours of Operation. Testing will be held in the Testing Center, Noble Hall, Room 287.   Accuplacer exams are offered Tuesday - Friday and occasional Mondays at either 9:00 a.m. or 2:30 p.m.  Appointments are required as computer availability is limited.  Group testing is offered once during new student orientation weekend.  The date and time to be announced each semester.  Contact the Testing Center for specific dates.

The Accuplacer test is untimed, however the average length to finish is 1.5 hours if taking both Composition and Mathematics sections.  The test must be finished in one seating and within the Testing Center's hours of operation.

There are many student guides to Accuplacer available on the web that you can find through search engines.  However, the most accurate place that you can look for information is on the College Board website (the makers of Accuplacer), at http://www.collegeboard.com/student/testing/accuplacer/preparation-sample.html

Here are some study guides compiled by Front Range Community College (scroll to the bottom of their site to find the study guides:

There is a $25 charge for Accuplacer exams administered on campus. Continuing FLC students can charge the fee to their student accounts if they present their current FLC student ID card. All other new and non-FLC students need to bring a check, made out to Fort Lewis College, or $25 in cash. You must have a picture ID to take the exam, preferably a student ID, driver’s license, or passport.


To take the Accuplacer in your local community, you need to do the following:

    • Locate a testing site at a community college or university in your area.  Contact the site to determine if they offer the Accuplacer exam or if not, will provide remote proctor service. To do this, the site will need internet connection and staff to proctor an untimed test. 


      • If the site offers the Accuplacer exam, take the Elementary Algebra section for math placement and/or take the sentence skills section for composition placement.  If you believe your math level is above average (meaning you want to take Calculus), make sure the Elementary Algebra section includes college level math questions.
      • If the site offers remote proctor service, gather the site's contact information (email and phone number) and forward the information to Fort Lewis College Testing Center at testingcenter@fortlewis.edu.  Testing staff will contact the site to coordinate remote access. 


    • Pay the $25.00 exam fee to Fort Lewis College Testing Center or Campus Cashier.  Payment can be made by cash or check at the Testing Center or a credit card at the Cashier's window or by phone: 970 247-7380.  Once payment is received, FLC staff will notify you to schedule your appointment at the approved site.





Colorado law (CRS 23-1-113) requires all incoming freshmen and transfer students to be assessed for their basic skills in writing and mathematics. The assessments are determined according to procedures approved by the Colorado Commission on Higher Education.

If you provide us with ACT or SAT scores that are less than three years old, or you have completed previous math or writing coursework and received a C- or above, we will use that information to assess your basic skills in mathematics and composition classes. If we are missing the information required for assessment, you must take the Accuplacer exam. Students who fail to take the assessment within 30 days of their first term will have a hold placed on their academic records that prevents future course registration until the test is completed. 

You may decide to take the Accuplacer exam if you wish to challenge your existing placement in mathematics or composition. 

Accuplacer is administered on a computer and is very easy to use. The test is untimed so that you can think about each question for as long as you like.  It is also a computer-adaptive test, meaning that the questions are chosen for you on the basis of your answers to previous questions.

Testing begins with the proctor selecting the appropriate set of exams for you on the computer.            

  • Writing Exam (Sentence Skills): This test measures your understanding of sentence structure -- how sentences are put together and what makes a sentence complete and clear. The multiple-choice questions will appear one at a time on the computer screen. You will select your answers by clicking with the mouse. When you have completed the question and verified your answer, a new screen will appear with the next question.
  • Mathematics Exam (Elementary Algebra, Arithmetic, and/or College Level Math): This test has two parts. It will begin with elementary algebra questions (10-12 questions). The multiple-choice questions will appear one at a time on the computer screen. You will select your answers by clicking with the mouse. When you have completed the question and verified your answer, a new screen will appear with the next question. If you answer a certain proportion of the elementary algebra questions correctly, you will then take a more advanced test (college-level mathematics). If you are not successful with the elementary algebra test, you will then take a more basic test (arithmetic). No calculators are allowed during the exam, but you will be able to use scratch paper for figuring (provided by the Testing Center).

Next you will complete a short questionnaire, read a quick tutorial and then begin the exam questions. 

At the end of the exam, you will receive results and placement information.