Guest Artists

Guest Artist Series Fall 2017

Friday – Sunday, October 13 - 15, 2017
MASKED PERFORMANCE FOR THE ACTOR with Matt Dranzik and Alyse Neubert
Friday, 10/13, 6:00pm-9:00pm, Saturday, 10/14, 10:00-5:00, Sunday, 10/15, 11:00-4:00
Location: Theatre Hall, Gallery Theatre, Room 122

The world of Masked Theatre stems itself from ancient times to today, ranging from full-faced mask, half-mask, puppetry and prop. While often the mask hides or transforms the actor’s face, when done well, it reduces extraneous movement and action to give the performer and audience extreme clarity. Mask asks the audience to be honest about what they see the character in the story do. Especially in full faced mask, the actor has to be meticulously aware of every motion he or she does and where they are in their surroundings. Through the amplifying nature of using mask on stage, we hope to strengthen our skills as actors, and become more aware of what we do physically on stage and off.

In class, we will start with basic mask technique, using masks styled by German company Familie Flöz, to explore and awaken ourselves as physical actors in space. Through games, scenes, and exercises, we will then apply the masks to the work you have created for the class. By performing your scene, we hope to see a strengthening of both clarity and specificity both in mask and out.

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Friday – Sunday, December 1 - 3, 2017
Friday, 12/1, 6:00-9:00, Saturday, 12/2, 10:00-5:00, Sunday, 12/3, 11:00-4:00
Location: Theatre Hall, Room TBD

In this workshop students will learn the history of mask work in theatre performance, how to design a mask based on character analysis, and how to realize that design using thermoplastics. Students will then present their masks in a short skit.  There is a $15 fee.