1995 - 1996 Theatre Season


1995 - 1996 Theatre Season 
A Soldier's Tale
Written by Igor Stravinsky.
Directed by Kathryn Moller. 
A Christmas Presence
Directed by Dinah Leavitt.
This play involves cast members dressed as presents during Christmas time. Each of these different presents talk and believe that they are the best present that anyone could ever get or give. After reading the Christmas story, each of the presents realizes that Jesus is the best Christmas present and that none of them compare with Him.
Written by Molière.
Directed by Helen Richardson.
Tartuffe is a classic French farce turned country western. In this contemporary version, religious fervor and hypocrisy threaten to undermine fundamental American values.
Mandy Smith - MME. Pernelle 
Cody Lyman - Orgon 
Jenny Fitts - Elmire 
Josh Been - Damis 
Meridith Crosley - Mariane 
Tim Gittings - Valere, Cleante 
Artis McLendon - Tartuffe 
Theresa A. Carson - Dorine 
Nathaniel Hope - M. Loyal 
Taft Hart- Flipot, Officer 
Brett West - Lauren
The Art of Dining
Written by Tina Howe.
Directed by Dinah Leavitt.
This comedy is about a couple who own and run a small, elegant gourmet restaurant. They experience many different types of characters who come to dine throughout the night.