2000 - 2001 Theatre Season


2000-01 Theatre Season
Written by Maureen May & Kathryn Moller.
Directed by Kathryn Moller.
Kathryn Moller came together with local artist Maureen May to make this performance happen. The play is based on some of the portraits that May created for the nine survivors of domestic abuse.
Creative Team 
Additional Adaptation assistants- Ginny Davis, Alyssa Graves, Karen Pittman and Lawrence Nass.
Choreography- Kathryn Moller
Composition- Lawrence Nass
Technical Direction- Karen Pittman
Costume Design- Ginny Davis
Lighting Design- LeAnn Brubaker
Sound- Doug Eagle and Lawrence Nass
Stage Manager- Adam Beffa
Assistant Stage Manager- Erica Stauffer
Assistant technical Director- Noah J. Johnson 
Kelly Frye- Nonabah
Kristen Hathcock- Shirley
Daniele Hillyer- Joleen
Mauriceo Notsinneh- Danny
Aimee E. Keller- Pierre
Tara Ivy Sheehan- Maureen
Stacy Sotosky- Candace
Audrey Tebrich- Margaret
Bernadette Tinoco- Mona
LeAnn Brubaker
John Paul Cook
Sojourn Drummond
Kim Flickinger
Rebecca Francis
Matt Fundingsland
Jeff Guarnieri
Katie Holmdahl
Clayton Langdan
Mauriceo Notsinneh
Amanda Pederson
Danielle Robbins
Carl Smith
Michelle Syllivan
Bernadette Tinoco
Dedra Wallace
Leeann Walsh
Mario Yazzi
A Double Pint of Pinter: The Lover & Mountain Language
Written by Harold Pinter.
Directed by Kolya Schweppe. 
The playwright of tonight's two plays, Harold Pinter, turned 70 this year. Certainly reason enough to pay him tribute by performing two of his contrasting plays, the first of which, The Lover, was originally performed in the 60's and Mountain Language in 1989. The Lover is more typical of the bulk of Pinter's work and especially of his earlier plays. The harsh portrayal of oppression in Mountain Language provides a stark contrast to The Lover. Pinter wrote Mountain Language as a response to reports from human rights organizations on the oppression of minorities and their indigenous language rights. It is designed to create a feeling of compassion for oppressed peoples so that the audience may be moved and inspired to act on their behalf, for example, by supporting Amnesty International and other human rights organizations.
The Cast
The Lover: Richard-Jeff Lockway
Sarah-Shelley Ballenger
John, the milkman-Lawson "Beau" Benally
Mountain Language: Elderly Woman-Melissa Huff
Young Woman-Cassandra Griffin
Sergeant-Jake Gasau
Officer-Judd McRoberts
Lawson "Beau" Benally
Guard-Crystal Taylor
Second Guard-Jeff Lockway
Hooded Man-Judd McRoberts
Production Team
Director-Kolya Schweppe
Stage Manager-Alison Hiam
Set Construction-Mark Perkins, Ginny Davis, Alison Hiam, Kolya Schweppe
Lighting Designer-LeAnne Brubaker
Lighting Operator-Aimee Keller
Costumers-Carl Smith, Jenn Livingston, Audrey Tebrich, Bernadette Tinoco
Fourth Wall Faculty Advisor-Ginny Davis 
Written by Machiavelli.
Directed by Paul Rathbun.
Arguably one of Machiavelli's finest works, Mandragola is a comedy that offers 
an in-depth look into the world of Machiavelli. The play's action takes place in 
the span of 24 hrs. It is the story of Callimaco, a young Florentine who lived 
in Paris for 20 years. One day he overheard a fellow Florentine tell the 
Parisians about a woman of extraordinary beauty back in Tuscany. Compelled to 
see her for himself, Callimaco returned to his native land. Once he saw her 
beauty he was determined to have her. There are several problems to his plan 
however. The first is that the woman, Lucrezia, is married and the second that 
her virtue seems above reproach. Callimaco enlisted the help of Ligurio, a 
rascally marriage broker who had had dealings with Lucrezia and her husband, 
Nicia. Using his skills at arranging things, Ligurio devises plans to allow 
Callimaco to have his moment of bliss with Lucrezia. (emachiavelli.com) 
Written by Tom Griffin.
Directed by Ginny Davis.
The Boys Next Door is a story about four mentally and emotionally challenged men who are just trying to get by with the everyday life difficulties. This play allows the audience to stop and appreciate humanity and the beauty it holds.
Creative Team
Assistant Director- Milissa Snyder-Notz
Stage Manager- Carrie Young
Assistant Stage Manager- Leeann Walsh
Back Stage Manager- Mauruceo Notsinneh
Choreographer- Kathryn Molller
Technical Director- Karen Pittman
Costume Design- Jane Gould
Lighting Design- Jennifer Livingston
Properties design- Paul Rathbun
Set Design- Leann Brubaker
Sound design- Alyssa Graves
LeAnn Brubaker- Woman at dance #1 
Jeremy Busch- Mr. Hedges/Man at dance
Billy Do- Norman Bulansky
Henessey Harrmann- Clara
Kristen Hathcock- Woman at dance #2
Noah J. Johnson- Jack
Clayton Langan- Arnold Wiggins
Virgil Lookingback- Lucien P. Smith
Jeremy Melton- Mr. Corbin/Freddy Golanzo/Senator Clark
Melissa Snyder-Notz- Mrs. Freemus
Shane Roberts- Mr. Klemper
Kelley Trippy- Mrs. Warren/ Helen
Ashley Wagner- Shelia
Ryan Asher
Brookes Bartlett
Jennifer Beach
Adam Beffa
Beau Benally
LeAnn Brubaker
Cathy Campion
John Paul Cook
Jessica Davis 
Sojourn Drummond
Kimberly Flickinger
Becca Francis
Matt Fundingsland
Jennifer Gorsegner 
Jeff Guarnieri
Helen Hamlin 
Kristen Hathcock 
Katie Holmdahl
Elizabeth Isidoro
Clinton Johnson
Noah J. Johnson
Aimee E. Keller
Brie Kaiser
Clayton Langan
Rachel Livesey 
Jeremy Melton
Matt Oman
Mauriceo Notsinneh 
Amanda Pederson
Christina Ramacher
Danielle Robbins
Tara Ivy Sheehan 
Carl Smith
Melissa Snyder-Notz
Michelle Sullivan
Crystal Taylor
Bernadette Tinoco 
Dedra Wallace
Leean Walsh 
Benedict Wheeler
Mario Yazzie
Devin Zimmerman 
Original Choreography.
Directed by Kathryn Moller.