2001 - 2002 Theatre Season


2001-02 Theatre Season 
Written by Cole Porter.
Directed by Ginny Davis.
Kiss Me Kate is a story of two actors who are divorced but brought together by an acting job, the musical version of The Taming of the Shrew. A fight on the opening night threatens the production, as well as two thugs who have the mistaken idea that Fred owes their boss money and insist on staying next to him all night.
by Aristophanes (Translated by Rajit Bolt).
Directed by Kathryn Moller.
Far from being for a family audience, Lysteria focuses mainly on withholding sex in order to stop war. Athenian women, fed up with the Peloponnesian War, barricade themselves in the Acropolis and go on a sex strike to force their husbands to vote for peace with Sparta.
Creative Team
Assistant Director/Dramaturg- Glenda Tom
Composer- Lawrence Nass
Set design- Jamie Gormley
Costume Design- Ginny Davis
Publicity Design- Michelle Morey
Assistant Publicist- Jamacia Connally
Lighting Design- Stacey Sotosky
Properties Design- Deborah Wehmer
Choroeographers Kathryn Moller and Lauren Sanderson
Technical Director- Jamie Gormley
Stage Manager- Mac PettersonAssistant
Stage Manager- Mike Boone 
Katie Brost- Lampito
Damon Dlubak- Kinesias
Kelly Frye- Stratyllis
Kristen Hathcock- Lysistrata
Jessi Kingan- Ismenia
Julian Lawrence- Lycon
Mauriceo- Kalonike
Alex Meyerouich- Enos
Tara Ivy Sheehan- Phaedria
Carl Smith- Strymodorus
Steven Roland Wayman- Rhodippe 
Beau Benally
John Conroy 
Ian Crosser
McCaren Dean
Elijah Ellis
Marcus Gaede
Anna Gelt
Theresa Giovannini
Danielle Robbins