2005 - 2006 Theatre Season

Angels in America - Part I: Millennium Approaches

Written by Tony Kushner.
Directed by Ginny Davis.

Tony Kushner’s Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award winning play ANGELS IN AMERICA explores the relationship of humanity and the spiritual world, the nature of forgiveness, and the commonalities of the human spirit. Set against a backdrop of the Regan years, ANGELS follows the impact of the AIDS crisis on a disparate group whose stories interlock. In this epic piece we share the struggles of a Mormon couple whose marriage is being torn apart by the husband’s closeted homosexuality, sympathize with a legal flunky who wrestles with his feeling about his partner who is dying of AIDS, and witness the last days of Roy Cohn, an infamous lawyer who helped put Ethyl Rosenberg in the electric chair for allegedly selling atomic bomb secrets to Russia during the McCarthy era.

Creative Team

  • Assistant Director - Zelda Morris
  • Set Design Nathan K. Lee
  • Lighting Design - LeAnn Brubaker
  • Costume Design - Theresa Carson
  • Properties Design - Matt McDonald
  • Sound Design - Chris Weed
  • Stage Manager - Lauren McIntyre
  • Assistant Stage Managers - Jerlen Chavez & Jenny Glick 

The Cast 

  • Ben Cooper - Roy Cohen & Prior 2
  • Jill Lee Davis - Hannah/Rabbi/ Henry/ Ethel Rosenberg
  • Desiree Henderson - Harper/ Martin
  • Geoff Johnson - Joe Pitt & Prior 1
  • Stephen Juhl - Louis
  • Josh Martin - Prior Walter
  • Joseph Martinez - Mr. Lies/ Belieze
  • Allison Wiest - Angel/Emily/Woman from Bronx 

The Crew 

  • Light Board Operator - Skyler McCullough
  • Sound Board Operator - William Bigga
  • Stage Running Crew - Matt McDonald, Julia Schneider, Jenny Glick, Zelda Morris & David Brost
  • Technical Director/Scene Shop Supervisor - Nathan K. Lee
  • Carpenters - Jeremiah Bouchard, Charlie Graybill, Ben Marovich
  • Scene Shop Assistants - Katie Cox, Tom Traub
  • Costume Mistress - Julia Schneider
  • Costume Crew - Theresa A. Carson, Jerlen Chavez, Rachel Gressler, Melarie Roller, Julia Schneider
  • Poster Artist - Melarie Roller

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare - Abridged

Written by The Reduced Shakespeare Company.
Directed by Katie Brost & Emily Flood.
Faculty Advisors, Theresa Carson & Kathryn Moller.

First performed on June 19, 1987, The Complete Works of William Shakespeare - Abridged stemmed from the Reduced Shakespeare Company’s dissatisfaction with traditional interpretations of Shakespeare’s work. The RSC felt that Shakespeare had become dogmatic and overanalyzed and hungered for his plays to be given new life and charisma. As a result, summaries of all 37 plays and the Sonnets are now available in one fast paced, comical and intelligent work that affords audiences the opportunity to extend their knowledge of Shakespeare past the stilted, mundane and perhaps painful role his work has had in their lives. The Complete Works of William Shakespeare - Abridged removes the genius from his pedestal, offering everyone the chance to stand eye to eye with the Bard.

Creative Team

  • Set Design - Nathan Lee
  • Lighting Design - Krissy Karahalios
  • Costume Design - Brittany Ponzo
  • Properties Design - Ian Farrar
  • Sound Design - Dawson Cole
  • Stage Manager - Gary Criscione
  • Assistant Stage Manager - Charlie Graybill

The Cast

  • Miles Batchelder - Ensemble
  • James Johnson - Ensemble
  • Krissy Karahalios - Rollerskating Girl
  • Tiffany Simonton - Ensemble

The Crew

  • Chris Capwell - Light Board Operator
  • Dawson J. Cole - Sound Board Operator
  • Melarie Roller - Banner Painting
  • Julia Schneider - Crew/Costumes

The Guys

Written by Anne Nelson.
Directed by Dan Lauria. 

Guest Artists Dan Lauria and Wendie Malick perform Anne Nelson’s “The Guys” at 7:30 p.m. at the Mainstage Theatre on Friday and Saturday, March 17-18. This drama centers on Nick, a fire captain, who struggles to find the words to describe eight of his colleagues who perished in the collapse of the World Trade Center on 9/11. After trying, and failing, to capture the essence of his men, he enlists Joan, an editor, to help. Together they relive Nick’s relationship with his men and, through love, humor, and honor, find the words he needs to say. Join us for a night of love, laughter, and tears.

The Cast

  • Dan Lauria - Dana starred for six years as Jack Arnold on the television show The Wonder Years. His other television appearances include recurring roles on JAG, Ed, and Party of Five, as well as the mini-series From the Earth to the Moon. He has appeared in more than 30 off-off-Broadway theater productions, and is a four-time winner of the Theatre of Renewal Awards for Acting, Writing and Directing. 
  • Wendie Malick - Wendy was nominated for two Emmys and a Golden Globe for her portrayal of outrageous fashion editor Nina Van Horn on the television comedy series Just Shoot Me! Her extensive television work also includes appearances on Dream On, NYPD Blue, Frasier and Jake in Progress. Her film credits include Racing Stripes, The American President, Scrooged, and Bugsy.

The Crew

  • Technical Director - Nathan K. Lee
  • Stage Manager - Clayton Talley
  • Assistant Stage Managers - Rachel Gressler & Bryon Whittaker
  • Lighting Design - LeAnn Brubacker
  • Lighting Assistants - Katie Brost, Charlie Graybill & Krissy Karahalios
  • Sound Operations - Dawson Cole
  • Properties & Technical Assistants - Miles Batchelder, Gary Criscione & Julia Schnider
  • Back Stage Assistants - Robert Cook & Rachel Gressler
  • Set Dressers - Rachel Gressler, Melarie Roller & Alex Fritz 

Angels in America - Part II: Perestroika

Written by Tony Kushner. 
Directed by Thresa Carson. 

I found that cooking real seemed to calm me down. Faced with social, spiritual, and political upheaval, how do we find the will to change? And, once we do, what can we do to heal the moral decay of our time? Tony Kushner tries to answer these questions in the startling resolution of his masterwork.

In Part II, Kushner’s diverse characters either demonstrate unforeseen compassion and forgiveness, or break free from their self-imposed restrictions. Kushner shows us a staunch Mormon mother rescuing a gay man dying of AIDS, a black, former drag queen, helping prolong the life of a conservative racist, and a drug addicted, delusional wife breaking free from the strictures of her life.

How do they find the will to heal?

Creative Team

  • Set & Lighting Design - Nathan K. Lee 
  • Sound Design - Theresa A. Carson & Terry McAlister
  • Properties Design - Ben Cooper
  • Make-Up Design - Kiyah Mattern & Brittany Nelson
  • Costume Design - Ginny Davis
  • Projection Design - Theresa A. Carson, Rachel Gressler & Melarie Roller
  • Stage Manager - Heather Rasmussen 
  • Dramaturg - Rachel Gressler
  • NYC Location Photographer - Mark Stankiewicz

The Cast

  • Christopher Calagias - Joe Pitt/The Mormon Father/The Angel Europa
  • Emily Flood - Hannah Pitt/Ethel Rosenberg/Oldest Bolshevik/Henry/The Angel Asiatica
  • Geoff Johnson - Roy Cohn/The Angel Anarctica
  • James Johnson - Prior Walter
  • Stephen Juhl - Louis Ironson/The Angel Australia 
  • Joseph Martinez - Belize/Mr. Lies/Voice of Caleb/The Angel Oceania 
  • Victoria McKinley - The Angel/Emily/Voice of Orrin/Mormon Mother/Taped Voices 
  • Julia Schneider - Harper Pitt/The Angel Africanii

The Crew

  • Light Board Operator - David Packert
  • Sound Board Operator - Maya Pierce
  • Projection Operator - Ben Cooper
  • Technical Director/Scene Shop Supervisor - Nathan K. Lee
  • Assistant Technical Director - Katie Brost
  • Master Carpenter - Terry McAlister
  • Scenic Construction Crew - Jeremiah Bouchard, Katie Brost, Rachel Gressler, Elton Jim, Ben Marovich, Kiyah Mattern, Brittany Nelson, Keokuk Oosahwe, David Packert
  • Electrician - Jonathan Hollander
  • Costume Mistress - Ashley Perran
  • Costume & Running Crew - Elton Jim, Kiyah Mattern, Brittany Nelson, Ashley Perran, Maya Pierce, Melarie Roller, Julia Schneider, Nadia Tafoya & Garrett White
  • Poster/Cover Artist & Scenic Painter Melarie Roller