2006 - 2007 Theatre Season

Folding Paper Cranes: An Atomic Memoir

Written by: Leonard “Red” Bird.
Adapted for stage and directed by: Kathryn Moller.

Adapted from the novel by Durango-area poet Leonard “Red” Bird, Folding Paper Cranes: An Atomic Memoir, explores Bird’s journey through the atomic age. By juxtaposing the nuclear blast at Hiroshima, Japan, with Bird’s own duties as an “Atomic Marine” stationed at Yucca Flat, NV, we see the enormity of past decisions and the resulting fallout. Thus, we explore not only the devastation of nuclear blasts, but the hope that springs from destruction; “the phoenix rising from the ashes, transformed and radiant.” Fort Lewis College students from the United States and Japan work together as an ensemble to create a riveting performance you will not forget.

Creative Team

  • Set & Lighting Design - Nathan K. Lee
  • Digital Projection Design - Kurt Lancaster
  • Sound Design - Kurt Lancaster & Kathryn Moller
  • Costume Design - Melarie Roller
  • Dramaturg - Desiree Henderson
  • Assistant Director - Miles Batchelder
  • Stage Manager - Heather Rasmussen
  • Assistant Stage Manager - Josh Becker
  • Assistant Stage Manager - Aaron Roberts Gray
  • Calligraphy - Chyako Hashimoto 


  • Ariela Begaye
  • Alec Fritz
  • Geoff Johnson
  • Rui Kinjo
  • Ilsa Moberg
  • Matt Mount
  • Tiffany Simonton
  • Allison Wiest
  • Masanori Yoshimura
  • Shiomi Yoshikawa


  • Technical Director/Scene Shop Supervisor - Nathan K. Lee
  • Light Board Operator - Stephen Juhl
  • Sound Board Operator - Sean Maness
  • Digital Operations - Aaron Roberts-Gray
  • Master Carpenter - Terry McAlister
  • Carpenters - Jeri Chavez, Tiffany McCray, Josh Modrell
  • Running Crew - Marissa Fuqua, Cara Wilson
  • Master Electrician - Stephen Juhl
  • Electricians - Elizabeth Herring, Jonathan Hollander, Tony Rocco, Jake Yost
  • Costume Mistress & First Hand - Julia Schneider
  • Costume Crew - Jessie Beasch, Morgan Blank, Melarie Roller, Kelly Sanders, Mary Sparks
  • Banner Painters - Melarie Roller & Thomas Roller

Maria Magdalena

Written by Marguerite Yourcenar.
Adapted for stage by Bernardo Rey & Nube Sandoval.
Directed by Bernardo Rey.

Fall 2006: Based on María Magdalena or Salvation from Fires by Marguerite Yourcenar, this Spanish language performance reveals the view of war from the perspective of the feminine universe. Touching themes such as injustice, pain, solitude, and indifference, the performance develops in two levels that cross and complement each other.

Magdalena narrates the history of her life to a hidden, wounded soldier. At the same time, organic cycles reflect the goddesses: Artemis or the warring virgin, Aphrodite or a hetaira, Atenea, Psiche or the soul, Hecate, a wise grandmother, and the Scanty spinners of the destination of men. Thus, existing as one woman, and all sacred and profane women, the María Magdalena.

“When everybody arose from fear of being infected by touching my skirts, only He stayed sitting, I immediately knew that I could not seduce Him, well not all of Him. I understood from that point on that this man, who stood apart from the law, treated me as an equal, as He treated everyone.”

Creative Team

  • Set & Lighting Design - Nathan K. Lee
  • Musician/Composer - Thom Raider
  • Producing Director - Kathryn Moller


  • Bernardo Rey - Director/Performer
  • Nube Sandoval - Performer
  • Thomas Sterling Rader - Guitarist/Composer


  • Technical Director/Scene Shop Supervisor - Nathan K. Lee
  • Light Board Operator - Nathan K. Lee
  • Sound Board Operator - Dawson Cole
  • Carpenters - Terry McAlister, Josh Modrell
  • Running Crew - Ariela Begaye, Tiffany McCray, Shiomi Yoshimura, Jake Yost
  • Electricians - Nathan Lee & Kathryn Moller 


Written and directed by Bernardo Rey.

Fall 2006: Muysua is a theatrical performance based on pre-Colombian tribal myths. The story, told in a landscape of dreams, reveals a South American Indian woman remembering the ancient past, and in remembering, she dreams. She dreams of rhythms, dancing, music, chants, and religious rites. She dreams of the people of corn that lived, and still live, in the Americas today.

“Grandmother of the water, hider of secrets, antique secrets, antique hider. You that have crossed the way of difficulty and the way of serenity, in this holy crossroad, hear me!”

“Muysua” in Muisca language means dreams.

Creative Team 

  • Set & Lighting Design - Nathan K. Lee
  • Musicians - Rachel Gressler, Mike Guttmann, Desiree Henderson & Bernardo Rey
  • Producing Director - Kathryn Moller


  • Desiree Henderson - Musician
  • Rachel Gressler - Musician
  • Mike Guttmann - Musician
  • Bernardo Rey - Director/Musician
  • Nube Sandoval - Performer


  • Technical Director/Scene Shop Supervisor - Nathan K. Lee
  • Light Board Operator - Nathan K. Lee
  • Carpenters - Terry McAlister & Josh Modrell
  • Crew - Ariela Begaye, Tiffany McCray, Artemis Preeshl, Shiomi Yoshimura, Jake Yost
  • Electricians - Nathan Lee & Kathryn Moller

Three Tall Women

Written by Edward Albee.
Directed by Ginny Davis.

Fall 2006: Edward Albee’s Pulitzer Prize winning play is based on his adoptive mother who, at 92 and in failing health, is examining her life. In Act I, she reveals humorous and sometimes shocking events to her personal assistant and a representative from her lawyer’s office. In Act II, Albee cleverly allows the dying woman to have a discourse with herself as a regal matron of 52, and as a young woman of 26. Her reflections of love, hate, and humor allow us to witness her passionless marriage, a strained relationship with her son, and her fight to “fit in” to society.

Creative Team 

  • Set, Lighting & Properties Design - Nathan K. Lee
  • Sound Design - Krissy Karahalios
  • Costume Design - Charlie Graybill
  • Assistant Director - Rachel Gressler
  • Stage Manager - Terry McAlister


  • Kelleen Aragon – “A”
  • Dawson J. Cole – Boy
  • Rachel Gressler – Understudy “C”
  • Ashli Ann Hemstreet – “C”
  • Desiree Henderson – “B”
  • Brynna Peltonen – Understudy “A” & “B”


  • Technical Director/Scene Shop Supervisor - Nathan K. Lee
  • Light Board Operator - Katie Vowles
  • Sound Board Operator - Krissy Karahalios
  • Master Carpenters - Terry McAlister & Josh Modrell
  • Carpenters - Gary Criscione, Rachel Gressler, Stephen Juhl, Tiffany McCray & Ben Stalker
  • Running Crew - Brynna Peltonen
  • Master Electrician - Jonathan Hollander
  • Electricians - Tiffany McCray & Katie Vowles
  • Life Casting - Charlie Graybill
  • Costume Crew - Jessie Bertsch, Morgan Blank, Charlie Graybill, Melarie Roller, Kelly Sanders, Julia Schneider & Mary Sparks
  • Banner Painter - Melarie Roller 

Waiting For Godot 

Written by Samuel Beckett.
Directed by Kathryn Moller.

Written in the wake of World War II, Nobel Prize winning author Samuel Beckett explores the foundations of human existence with a combination of existential thought and Chaplin-like comedy. The story revolves around two tramps waiting near a lone tree for M. Godot. While there, they quarrel, make up, contemplate suicide, try to sleep, eat a carrot, and gnaw on some chicken bones. Throughout, they explore life’s most fundamental questions.

Creative Team 

  • Set Design - Nathan K. Lee
  • Lighting Design - Kurt Lancaster
  • Costume Design - Randall Lee Stewart
  • Properties Design - Ariela Begaye, Athena Gundlach & Randall Lee Stewart
  • Sound Design - Kurt Lancaster & Kathryn Moller
  • Sound Engineer - Nathan K. Lee
  • Dramaturg - Alec Fritz
  • Stage Manager - Athena Gundlach
  • Singing Coaches - Andreas Tischauser & Randall Lee Stewart


  • Miles Batchelder - Vladimir(Didi)
  • Josh Becker - Boy 
  • Geoff Johnson - Estragon(Gogo)
  • Matthew Mount - Lucky
  • Tony Rocco - Pozzo
  • Randall Lee Stewart - Understudy


  • Technical Director/Scene Shop Supervisor - Nathan K. Lee
  • Light Board Operator - Terry McAlister
  • Sound Board Operator - Michelle Manygoats
  • Master Carpenter - Josh Modrell
  • Carpenters - Athena Gundlach, Vilija Paulius & Noraleen C. Tafoya
  • Running Crew - Ariela Begaye
  • Master Electrician - Terry McAlister
  • Electricians - Jonathan Hollander, Michelle Manygoats & Tony Rocco
  • Costume Crew - Randall Lee Stewart & Ariela Begaye
  • Banner Painter - Melarie Roller 

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Written by L. Frank Baum.
Book adaptation by John Kane.
Score by Harold Arlen & E.Y. Harburg.
Directed by Laura Bowen.

Longing for adventure, Dorothy runs away from home only to be carried away to the magical Land of Oz by a Kansas cyclone. Being a bit further from home than she planned, Dorothy seeks the help and protection of the Good Witch of the North. With the magic ruby slippers neatly in place, Dorothy sets out to ask the Wonderful Wizard for advice. On the way, she finds a Scarecrow who thinks he needs a brain, a sentimental Tin Woodsman who desperately yearns for a warm heart, and a Cowardly Lion who seeks courage. Join us for this timeless and inspiring classic.

Creative Team 

  • Music Director - Andreas Tischhauser
  • Choreographer - Erica Golightly 
  • Set Design - Nathan K. Lee
  • Lighting Design - Charlie Graybill
  • Costume Design - Ginny Davis
  • Conductor - Gary Walker 
  • Sound Design - Nathan K. Lee
  • Pyrotechnics - Ian Farrar
  • Stage Manager - Emily Flood 


  • Natalie Benally - Munchkin #2, Jitterbug, Manicurist, & Monkey #2
  • Dawson Cole - Hunk & Scarecrow
  • Deryn Candelaria - Barrister
  • Rachel Gressler - Dorothy 
  • Danae Holloman - Munchkin #3, Tree #2, Manicurist, & Winkie General
  • Mohriah James - Munchkin #5 & Beautician
  • Stephen Juhl - Hickory & Tinman
  • Kathryn Karmazyn - Lullaby League, Jitterbug, & Monkey #1
  • Kristyn Karmazyn - Lullaby League
  • Lelu - Toto
  • Matt McDonald - Uncle Henry & Winkie #1
  • Victoria McKinley - Coroner & Manicurist
  • Alyse Neubert - City Father #2, Tree #1, & Manicurist
  • Leah Nickula - Munchkin #1, Braggart, Manicurist, Jitterbug, & Winkie #2
  • Brittany Ponzo - Munchkin #4, Tree #3, Polisher & Winkie #3
  • Heather Rasmussen - City Father #1 & Polisher
  • Aja Robbins - Lollypop Guild
  • Tara Ivy Sheehan - Miss Gultch & Wicked Witch
  • Matt Simonsen - Mayor
  • Tiffany Simonton - Zeke/Lion
  • Ammon Swofford - Lollypop Guild, Polisher, Jitterbug & Nikko
  • Chelsea Winslow - Aunt Em & Glinda
  • Jake Yost - Prof. Marvel, Guard, & Wizard of Oz


  • Gary Walker - Conductor, Visiting Lecturer
  • Andreas Tischhauser - Flute/Piccolo/Recorder
  • Jeff Solon - Reed 1
  • Tim Farrell - Trumpets
  • Paul Bara - Trombone 
  • Lech Usinowicz - Bass
  • Steve Dejka - Percussion
  • Ryan McCurry - Keyboard & Rehearsal Accompanist
  • Christy Livingston - Rehearsal Accompanist


  • Technical Director/Scene Shop Supervisor - Nathan K. Lee
  • Light Board Operator - Matt Mount
  • Sound Board Operator - Geoffrey Johnson
  • Follow Spot Operator - Aaron Stevenson
  • Master Carpenters - Terry McAlister & Joshua Modrell
  • Carpenters - Oz Cast, Cody Bowen, Don Donne, Vilija Paulius, Noraleen Tafoya, 
  • Master Electrician - Jonathan Hollander
  • Floor Manager - Gary Criscione
  • Floor Crew - Graig Begay, Brad Caldwell, Christopher Forster, Andrea Huyck, Krissy Karahalios, Ben Longmire, Ian Petershoare, Kelly Squires, Robyn Stahl, Jesse Wyatt
  • Costume Mistress/First Hand - Maya Pierce
  • Costume Crew - Natalie Benally, Levi Brown, Krissy Karahalios, Ashley Perran, Maya Pierce, Kelly Sanders
  • Additional Costume Work by - Natalie Benally, Dawson Cole, Emily Flood, Rachel Gressler, Geoff Johnson, Kathryn Moller, Haley Peel, Heather Rasmussen, Melarie Roller, Tiffany Simonton
  • Mask Design and Build - Melarie Roller
  • Oz Puppet - Theatre Puppetry Class