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  • The TRIO office and computer lab will be closing at 5:00 PM instead of 7:00 PM beginning this week through the 21st. TRIO staff will be in the office on Deceber 18th - 21st with individual schedules varying so check with your TRIO person.
  • Volunteer for the Grub Hub, FLC's student-led food pantry. They rely on volunteers to keep their doors open. The Grub Hub is committed to eliminating stigma around food insecurity and providing food for FLC students. Reed Library 016, email .

  • Donate your old textbooks to TRIO so other students can borrow them and save some dough!

  • The FAFSA is NOW OPEN for aid that applies to your 18-19 school year. 

  • You can "erase" a TRIO no-show now! Talk to your TRIO person about how.

Events (free unless noted otherwise)‚Äč

Resume help and "Workshop Wednesdays" with FLC's Career Services office  


Looking for something to do at FLC?

Check out the FLC activity calendar; there's always something going on.

Train to be a tutor

Next training is in Spring 2018
Location TBA
Sign up at TRIO

Financial Assistance

TRIO Student Achievement Award

$250 per semester
Ask your TRIO person about eligibility, see requirements here.

Federal Financial Aid

The FAFSA is open for aid that applies to your 18-19 school year.

FLC Scholarships are everywhere Check out this link to FLC scholarships.

Scholarship for American Indians, revolving deadline

Scholarship for American Indians or Alaska Natives with 2.0 GPA, April 4 deadline

Thirteen scholarships for women through Women's Independence Scholarship Program

Scholarship for anyone willing to write 500 word essay, July 31 2018 deadline

Scholarship for women of La Plata county, GPA 3.0 or higher up to $1,000. Due 1st Thurs. of each month.

Scholarship for students who are Moms. No deadline.

Low-interest loans for women within 2 years of completing a bachelor's or master's degree, no deadline

Scholarship for students who have a minimum GPA of 2.75. April 30, 2018 deadline.

Up to $3,000 for women who have had a 2-year break in education, within 2 years of graduating, no deadline

Low on funds? Durango has a food bank.

TRIO is a referrer to the Durango Food Bank.
Ask your TRIO person; it's quick and easy.