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Announcements and Events

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  • Read the spring 2019 newsletter
  • Drop in tutoring at TRIO for Spring semester: Cassidy will help with algebra, stats, sociology, writing and history. Tuesdays 1:00 to 2:00, Wednesdays 2:30 to 3:30, and Thursdays 3:30 to 5:30.
  • Profesora Alonso is holding office hours at TRIO on Wednesdays from 12-1: BL 102 (Survival Spanish), BL 313 (Narco Culture), SOC 100 (Intro to Sociology), SPA 350 (Spanish for the Professions), SPA 496 (Senior Seminar).       

  • Nominate your TRIO friends for an award to be given at our April 2019 banquet. Email your TRIO person your nomination by April 1; be sure to let them know which award you are nominating someone for. You can nominate yourself.

Jennifer McHorse Legacy Award: awarded to a student who has gone above and beyond to help TRIO students. The award goes to a person who has given us feedback, generated ideas, and has been motivated to help TRIO put those ideas into action. We view this person as an “honorary staff member.” This award is named after Jennifer McHorse, a TRIO participant and alumni, who contributed to the program in these same ways.

Fresh Outlook Award: awarded to a student who may have struggled academically in previous semesters but has worked hard to improve his/her grades and strengthen his/her skills as a student. 

Community Builder Award: awarded to a student who works hard to build a sense of community at TRIO and FLC by promoting student gatherings or discussions, by starting new friendships in TRIO, and/or by encouraging connections between fellow students.

Transcend and Triumph Award: awarded to a student who perseveres through college while, behind the scenes, they may be working through stressful personal situations, have several obligations to tend to at home, be trying to overcome personal strife, and/or living with multiple, complicated personal stressors yet handling it all and progressing towards graduation.

Unwavering Achievement Award: awarded to a student who has always done well academically by using wise academic and life skills to obtain good grades, pulling their own weight when working with others, jumping into projects with both feet and meeting high standards for him/herself. Nothing seems to get in the way of keeping their grades high.

  • Donate your old textbooks to TRIO so other students can borrow them and save some dough!
  • You can "erase" a TRIO no-show now! Talk to your TRIO counselor about how.
  • Meet with an attorney at no cost (part of your FLC student fees, which you have paid). First come, first served. Noon-1:30pm in SUB 167 March 20, April 10.

Events (free unless noted otherwise)

April 13: Low-Ropes Challenge Course.  Enjoy some team-building activities with fellow TRIO students--a fun way to bring the year to a close! Sign up at TRIO. Deposit required; it will be refunded.

May 19-25: Genome Science and Leadership Initiative (GSLI) at FLC. Students must apply by February 22nd to participate.

June 2-8: Genome Science and Leadership Initiative (GSLI) at UC Denver. Students must apply by February 22nd to participate.

Looking for something to do at FLC? Check out the FLC activity calendar; there's always something going on.

Financial Support

TRIO Student Achievement Award $250 per semester. Ask your TRIO counselor about eligibility, see requirements here.

Federal Financial Aid The FAFSA is open for aid that applies to your 19-20 school year.

FLC Scholarships are everywhere Check out this link to FLC scholarships.

$5,000 Don't Text and Drive Scholarship. Deadline March 31, 2019.

Scholarship for American Indians, revolving deadline

Women's Independence Scholarship Program

Scholarship for women of La Plata county, GPA 3.0 or higher up to $1,000. Due 1st Thurs. of each month.

Scholarship for students who are Moms. No deadline.

Low-interest loans for women within 2 years of completing a bachelor's or master's degree, no deadline

Up to $3,000 for women who have had a 2-year break in education, within 2 years of graduating, no deadline

Low on funds? Durango has a food bank. TRIO is a referrer to the Durango Food Bank. Ask your TRIO person; it's quick and easy.