TRIO Student Success Center - Tutoring Tips

Tips to make tutoring work for you

Here are a few tips to help you make the most out of your tutoring sessions:

  • Turn your phone off so your attention is focused on the tutoring session.

  • Make sure your work is your own; your tutor shouldn't do it for you.

  • Establish regular meeting times twice a week; don’t cancel unless there is a real emergency.

  • Text your tutor/tutee if you will be late or need to reschedule.

  • Together, visit the professor during office hours for ideas and guidance.

  • Come prepared for your tutoring session. That means:

    • Read the assigned material or complete the assignment before your session.

    • Come with your textbook and notes.

    • Come with THREE questions to ask your tutor, or come with THREE things you learned that you can share with your tutor.

  • Take an active role in your tutoring session.

  • Be honest about whether you understand something.

  • After your tutor explains something, repeat it back in your own words. That means you get it!

  • Practice, practice, practice what you are learning. Then practice some more.

  • TRIO has large white boards and pens; use them!

  • Go to all your classes!

  • Ask your tutor for help with study habits, organization, note-taking and time management.

  • Before you end your session, identify ONE thing to discuss next time.

  • If you want to cancel because you think there is nothing to talk about, think again. There’s a lot to learn, relearn, discuss, and practice. DON’T CANCEL.