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Get a tutor

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You can request a tutor at any point in the semester.

Once we assign you a tutor, you must attend one Orientation to Tutoring meeting with the tutor coordinator, where you will discover your learning styles and learn the expectations of the tutoring program.

Because TRIO tutoring is relationship-based tutoring (as opposed to drop-in style tutoring), you are expected to meet with your tutor at least twice a week for at least one hour each time. To request a tutor, fill out a tutor request form found at the TRIO office. 

Matching you with a tutor usually takes a couple of days but can take longer depending on the pool of trained and available tutors at the time.

Become a tutor

Any FLC student who has achieved a 2.75 cumulative GPA and who is at least a sophomore can qualify to be a TRIO tutor. After the mandatory training, you are eligible to tutor any class in which you have earned an A or a B. Tutor training is at the beginning of each semester. Many TRIO participants are also TRIO tutors!

Starting salary is $10.00 per hour with increases each semester; the hours are flexible. 

TRIO tutors are eligible to become nationally certified through the College Reading and Learning Association if they also complete an additional five hours of training and 25 hours of tutoring.

Pick up a tutor application at TRIO, in the Reed Library on the 3rd floor, or email Katie Sparks at