Tri the Rim, Biking around Fort Lewis College, Durango, COLocation: Rim Drive around Fort Lewis College Campus
Distance: 12.5 miles
Laps: 3 laps

Logistics of the biking portion: The bike course is entirely on pavement.  Do be aware that hazards like dirt/gravel, pot holes, etc. may be present on the course. Please see the separate Bike Course map, but understand that this is the map from prior year races, and the 'bike out' and 'bike in' to transition may differ a bit this year. Follow the course marshals as they direct you where you need to go.


  • Exit the transition area to your right and follow the signs that will put you on Rim Drive (on campus sidewalk and across EBH parking lot)
  • Turn RIGHT onto Rim Drive
    • Continue on Rim Drive to Gold Course/Physical Plant intersection, veer LEFT
    • Continue past Hillcrest Golf Clubhouse and carefully down the slalom descent (stay on the right land)
    • Turn RIGHT at intersection of Goeglein Gulch Road
    • Continue around Goeglein Gulch (perimeter of golf course)
    • Turn RIGHT at the roundabout onto Fort Lewis Drive
    • Turn LEFT at top of hill (8th Avenue) towards the Community Concert Hall
    • At traffic light, turn RIGHT onto Rim Drive and continue up the hill to begin your next lap
    • After turning left from Fort Lewis Drive onto Rim Drive, make a RIGHT into and across EBH parking log, then head back on campus sidewalk to the clock tower and veer left towards the transition area (you will make a 180 degree turn to enter the transition area). Be ready to jump off your bike and start the run course!

Bike Course Rules:

  • No riding the bike in the transition area. There will be a designated bike mount and bike dismount area.
  • You MUST wear a bike helmet, tightly fastened
  • No music/ear buds allowed on the bike or run
  • No drafting - ride single file with at least 1-2 car lengths between riders
  • Tri bikes (time trial) are allowed, but use extreme caution if riding in an aero position
  • Alert another rider if you are passing, always on the left side (say 'on your left'). Check for traffic safety before passing, pass quickly and return to single file on the right side of the right lane.
  • We will be attempting to control traffic using a rolling road closure. We will allow traffic into the course when it seems safe, allowing larg enough gaps between campetitors. Therefore, it is NOT a closed course, please be alert and use caution while you are racing, which might be possible along with traffic.
  • Stay on the right lane and never cross the yellow line into the other lane. Within the right lane, always keep on the right side as long as possible and safe. Do not ride in the middle or the left side of the right lane, unless necessary for safety and passing.

Download instructions (PDF)

Download map of the course (PDF)