Tri the Rim Triathlon - Swimming


Swimming in the pool at Fort Lewis College, Durango, Colorado Location: Fort Lewis College Swimming Pool (in the Natatorium)

Distance: 500 yards

Laps: 10 laps

Logistics of the swimming portion:

Start order for the swim will be determined by bib number, which is determined by estimated swim time.  As swimmers enter the pool area, they will form a line in numerical order by bib number, lowest numbers starting first.

Timing chips will be distributed at the head of the line just before swimmers enter the pool.  Timing chips must be placed on the left ankle and secured with a safety pin.  Volunteers will collect chips at the finish line.  Please note that there is a $30 fee for unreturned chips.

Race staff and volunteers will tell swimmers when they can enter the pool, and direct them to the appropriate lane.  The pool is divided into six lanes. Each lane will have 4 swimmers, each starting at the same end of the pool. The 4 swimmers in a lane should discuss the order in which they want to start.  To minimize passing it is recommended that the fastest swimmer in a lane start first.  It is suggested that if a swimmer wants to pass another, they tap the foot of the forward swimmer who will allow them to pass at the end of the lane.

Each swimmer will receive an individual start time.  Race staff will confirm the bib number with the swimmer, and then say "Ready? Go."  The swimmer's start time will be recorded on a computer at the word "Go."  Race staff will start swimmers 5-10 seconds apart in each lane.

The swimmers will circle their lane, counter clockwise. The race is 500 yds, equivalent to 10 laps (down and back) or 20 lengths. Swimmers will stay in their own lane for the entire distance. Swimmers will need to keep track of their laps.  Lap counters will be available, but the swimmer is ultimately responsible for their count.

A 5 minute penalty will be assessed to participants total time if their estimated time is more than 2 minutes greater or smaller than their actual pool time.  Swimmers are strongly encouraged to time themselves in order to submit a more accurate estimated swim time.  Changes may be sent to the Registration Chair and must be received more than 72 hours before race start time.