Verification is a process that allows the Financial Aid Office to “verify” information pertaining to a student’s financial aid file. If you’re selected for verification, don’t assume you’re being accused of doing anything wrong. Some people are selected at random by the Department of Education for verification, and some are selected by the Financial Aid Office to clarify conflicting information.

All you need to do is provide the documentation asked of you so that your financial aid will be available to you. DO NOT SUBMIT DOCUMENTS UNLESS WE REQUEST THEM.

How are students notified of outstanding verification items?

If the Financial Aid Office needs additional documents and/or information to meet verification requirements, the student will be sent an email to their FLC email account notifying them of any outstanding requirements they may have. Additionally, the student can view any of their outstanding requirements in their WebOPUS account, under the Financial Aid tab.  By clicking on the requirement the student will be directed to either the requested form or directions on how to satisfy the requirement.  Forms and/or instructions for verification items can be found on the Financial Aid Office website in the “FORMS” section.   

Once verification items are received the Financial Aid Office will make any corrections needed to the students FAFSA information.  PLEASE NOTE, submitting documentation can sometimes result in additional verification requests.  Once verification is complete it could result in a change in the amounts and/or types of aid the student was offered in the estimated award notice.

Verification deadline

All outstanding verification items should be completed by Census Date in order to avoid any aid offers being canceled. Please note, the Financial Aid Office cannot disburse any federal, state, or institutional need-based aid, including federal loans, until a student’s financial aid file is complete.   

The following are the most common types of verification documents we may request:

  • Parent and/or student IRS Tax Return Transcript (MOST COMMONLY REQUESTED DOCUMENT)
  • Household Size form
  • Asset form

If you need assistance with completing verification please contact the Financial Aid Office at 970-247-7142.