Withdrawing & dropping courses affects your aid

Dropping, no-shows, and  withdrawing  can affect your financial aid and trigger "Return of Funds" refund policies. Make sure you speak with your financial aid counselor at the Skyhawk Station before dropping or withdrawing from your courses.

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Dropping courses

Dropping a course or courses before the census can affect your financial aid. Talk with your financial aid counselor before doing this.

Spring/Fall terms
Summer modules

No-show policy

Students who don't begin attendance in courses are ineligible for financial aid. Their total financial aid package will return to the appropriate federal program(s).

No-show students who fail to officially withdraw from courses are responsible for tuition, fees, book charges, and/or room/board. The no-show student must repay the college if they have an account balance.


Withdrawals from courses

The Financial Aid Office calculates the student's tuition and fees based on the date the student withdrawals from school. Whether or not a student received a tuition/fee refund doesn't change the amount they must repay to the Title IV programs. FLC's tuition and fees refund policy is separate from the Return of Title IV financial aid policy.

Registrar has instructions on how to officially withdraw.

Fall/Spring terms
Summer modules
Withdrawing on or before 60% attendance
Unofficial withdrawals, dismissal, or zero passing grades

Return of Title IV Financial Aid policy

The Financial Aid Office calculates a student's earned and unearned Title IV funds using the percentage of the enrollment period the student completed. We divide the number of days the student attended by the number of days in the period. Calendar days (including weekends) count, but breaks of at least 5 days don't.

The last date of attendance is when the student completes the withdrawal process in their WebOPUS account or an earlier date if the Financial Aid Office learns it was before that.

Fund returns and account balances
Return of Title IV Funds Policy schedule