How to appeal loss of financial aid

Students lose their financial aid eligibility when they are not meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress standards, or they were reinstated through the appeals process, and they did not follow their approved plan. The most common reasons for suspension are due to the student:

  • Not having a 2.0 cumulative GPA in college coursework
  • Not having at least a 1.66 cum GPA in their TRS coursework
  • Not having course completion rate of 67% (pace)
  • Exceeding 180 attempted credit hours;
  • Did not follow approved plan exactly.


Appeal Process -Students whose funding has been revoked can appeal that decision. To start the process, please download and fill out the Financial Aid Suspension Appeal Application and return it to the Financial Aid Office, along with any applicable supporting documentation, by one of the deadlines listed below. Other forms and/or types of supporting documentation needed are outlined on the appeal application. Students appealing due to maximum time frame will need to have their professional academic advisor complete a program/degree plan, which needs to be included in their application. Please call 970-247-7301 to make an appointment to complete a degree plan with an advisor.

Earn Back - If you do not have grounds for immediate reinstatement of aid, you can re-establish eligibility by achieving satisfactory progress standards while attending Fort Lewis College without benefit of federal, state, or institutional need-based aid, including federal loans. Once standards are met, you can appeal as an "earn back" to regain financial aid eligibility. Please note, only courses taken at Fort Lewis College are used in the calculation of your GPA.


1. Appeals will not be reviewed if the student's academic standing is academic disqualification.

2. Students will be notified of the result of their appeal via their Fort Lewis College email.

3. Student must comply with any appeal conditions by the designated deadlines.

For more information please contact our office.

Be advised that the Financial Aid Office Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy is distinct and separate from the Scholarship Policy and the Academic Standards Policy of the institution.

There is a separate appeals process for students on Academic Suspension. See Academic Standards policies for details.

Deadline Eligible Appeal Applicants
Monday, May 23, 2022 Students appealing for financial aid for Summer and Fall 2022. This is the only appeal deadline before Summer bills are due.
Monday, June 27, 2022 Students appealing for financial aid for Summer or Fall 2022.
Monday, July 25, 2022 Students who are appealing for financial aid for Summer or Fall 2022. This is the final appeal deadline to request reinstatement of Summer financial aid
Monday, August 22, 2022 Students appealing for financial aid for Fall 2022.  This is the final appeal deadline before Fall classes begin.