Undergraduate Internal Research Grant Programs

FLC supports two types of undergraduate research grants: one for travel to present completed work outside Durango, and one to support the research and creative activities themselves. Students may receive no more than two grants total during their time at FLC.

1) The Student Travel Grants program supports student travel to conferences, symposia, design competitions, theatre or music festivals, art exhibits, etc. Student travel grants are designed to support the sharing of completed student work outside Durango.

Student Travel Grants are considered for funding on a rolling deadline - when your work has been accepted for presentation, you may apply. Funding is limited to $800 per student. Students traveling to the same conference should submit one application, and share travel costs (e.g. carpooling, sharing hotel rooms) as much as possible.

In order to apply for Student Travel Grants, please use the following files:

2) FLC Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activities Grants are designed to allow students to complete research or creative activities. Grants may fund research supplies, travel to field sites or archives, supplies to create art works or theatre performances etc. Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activities Grants are available once each semester through a competitive application, and can provide students up to $1000 per student.

Research and Creative Activity Grants are now available on two different timelines:

  • "Just-In-Time" funding is intended for students with a one-semester senior seminar or research project.  These students will prepare a proposal in the first few weeks of class to complete work in the same term.
  • Term-to-Term funding is intended for student with a two-semester senior seminar or research project.  These students will spend much of their first term doing research and preparing a proposal to complete work in the following term.
Deadlines for proposals in the 2018-2019 Academic Year are as follows:
  • Fall "Just-In-Time" grants: Due September 23
  • Fall-to-Spring grants: Due October 30
  • Spring "Just-In-Time" grants: Due February 3
  • Spring-to-Summer/Fall grants: Due March 30

Please use the following files to assist you in completing the application:

If you have questions about the program that are not answered in the instructions, please contact:

Anne McCarthy
Associate VP for Academic Affairs