FOCUSS Summer Research Program

The Summer Research Program for freshmen and sophomores is designed to encourage SJC students to continue to a four year degree (especially at FLC) and to encourage FLC students to stay in a STEM major.  The undergraduate research opportunities will include:

  1. Freshman and sophomores at FLC
  2. Students at SJC

This will allow for students at both institutions to experience science early in their college careers.  It will also introduce SJC students to the undergraduate research expectations at FLC, encourage SJC students to continue to a four year degree at FLC, and bring SJC and FLC faculty together to encourage future collaborations.

Each year the program will involve 13 students and seven faculty members working together on six week summer research projects.  Seven faculty members, three from SJC and four from FLC, will be chosen to lead these projects.  Students, eight from SJC and five from FLC, will be selected.

View this summer's FOCUSS Projects.