Undergraduate Research


Undergraduate Research & Creative Activities Symposium

Each spring, Fort Lewis College departments choose a few of their research and performance students to present their work at the annual Undergraduate Research & Creative Activities Symposium. Oral presentations are given throughout the afternoon and poster presentations are given in the evening.

Date: April 20, 2017

Links to streamed video:

Morning talks: https://youtu.be/hUs-QYbWTgI

Afternoon talks: https://youtu.be/kFwOh2oHiAs


Time Location Presentations
8:30 am-1:00 pm Student Union, Vallecito Room Oral Presentations
1:30-6:00 pm Jones Hall, Roshong Recital Hall Performances and Oral Presentations
6:00-7:30 pm Student Union, Ballroom Poster displays

Schedules and Titles of Oral Presentations

Morning Schedule


Oral Presentations
Thursday, April 20, 2017
Location: Fort Lewis College, Vallecito Room

8:30 Tracy Dembrowski. An Investigation of the Age and Petrology of the Trimble Granite,    Needle Mountains, Southwestern Colorado. Geosciences
8:45 Tyler Porter. Art As A Philosophical Method. Philosophy
9:00 Sarah Wilson Patterson. Analysis of Cosmetic Surgery Reality Television; The Problematic Portrayal of Gender Roles and Women’s Bodies. Gender and Women's Studies
9:15 Jessica Hanback. Tanzanian Drug Rehabilitation: An Ethnographic Approach to Understanding Methods, Resources, and Gender Inequality in a Northern Tanzania In-Patient Clinic. Anthropology
9:30 Angelica Root and Kate Suazo. Death and Sexual Predators: Examining Justice Beliefs in Sexual Assault Cases. Psychology
9:45 Cannon Sullivan. Give me liberty or give me myth: American individualism, meritocracy, and social assimilation. English
10:00 Madeleine Anderson. Ginger’s Effect on Delayed On-set Muscle Soreness (DOMS). Exercise Science
10:15 BREAK
10:30 Magena Marzonie. Ecological and Chemical Analysis of Heavy Metal Transduction in Coyote Willow on the Animas and Florida Rivers. Biology
10:45 Lauren Watson. Who Are We Really Electing?  Political Science
11:00 James Schneider and Robert Rothschild. Development of the Exotic Propulsion Laboratory at Fort Lewis College. Engineering
11:15 Vanessa Cattleman. Going to College: Perspectives from Native American Students. Native American and Indigenous Studies
11:30 BREAK
11:45 Maxwell Dielman and Zachary Noonan. Fractal Dimensions. Mathematics
12:00 Katrina Bryant. Assessing the correlations between Automatic Sonde data and the total concentration of metals in the Animas River, Southwestern Colorado and Northwestern New Mexico. Geosciences
12:15 Millie Mummery. Campaign Finance within America's Democracy. Political Science
12:30 Aaron Wegener. Natural Product Synthesis of Avrainvilleol. Chemistry
12:45 Carlie Anderson. The Application of Telemedicine Technology in Rural Communities. Honors Program


Afternoon Schedule


Oral Presentations
Thursday, April 20, 2017
Location: Fort Lewis College, Roshong Recital Hall

1:30 Rachel Lodwick. The Educational Power of Creation. Art and Design
1:45 Manuel Mir Jr. Do Visual DRMs Produce More False Alarms than Regular DRMs. Psychology
2:00 Kyser Seaney and Forrest Eagle. The Quantum Mechanics of Music. Chemistry
2:15 Chris Mannara. Everybody Dies: An examination of the Final Destination series. English
2:30 August Luc. Alternative Splicing of a Honeybee Dscam Transmembrane Region in Response to Lotmaria Passim Exposure. Biology
2:45 Nate Trachte. Growing Up Outside: Catalyzing Pro-Ecological Paradigms. Environmental Studies
3:00 Autumn Hanberry and Gerardo Xahuentitla. A Game and a Machine:  Computational Methods for Producing Fractal Images. Mathematics
3:15 Dane Fogdall. Rhetoric in the Music of Interactive Artwork. Music
3:30 BREAK
3:45 William Reeves. An Assessment of HIV/AIDS Stigma in a Tanzanian Community. Anthropology
4:00 Keegan Jordan-Matney. Semiotics and the Deconstruction of an Identity. Art and Design
4:15 Katherine Watson. The Killing of Wolves In The American West: 1800-1949History
4:30 Ethan Moats. The Origin and Nature of "Ariel". Theatre
4:45 Nathan Mitton and Joshua Coon. Effects of exercise and Low-Level Laser Therapy on psychological well-being and overall perceived health. Exercise Science
5:00 Caitlin Martinac. Kindred Souls, Worlds Apart: A Comparison of the Lives of Nannerl Mozart and Clara Wieck Schumann in the Age of Enlightenment. Music
5:15 Sawyer Miller and Skyler Trujillo. Design and Fabrication of a Hybrid Pulsed Nd: YAG Laser. Physics
5:30 Doss Ramsey. (Un)Natural Bodies: Male Bodybuilders, Ethics, and Normative Embodiment. Gender and Women's Studies