Undergraduate Research


Undergraduate Research & Creative Activities Symposium

Each spring, Fort Lewis College departments choose a few of their research and performance students to present their work at the annual Undergraduate Research & Creative Activities Symposium. Oral presentations are given throughout the afternoon and poster presentations are given in the evening.

Date: April 21, 2016

Links to streamed video:

Morning talks: https://youtu.be/akfO6zFlU2s

Afternoon talks: https://youtu.be/vdvoPUt-_X0


Time Location Presentations
8:00 am-1:00 pm Student Union, Vallecito Room Oral Presentations
1:30-6:00 pm Jones Hall, Roshong Recital Hall Performances and Oral Presentations
6:00-7:30 pm Student Union, Ballroom Poster displays

Schedules and Titles of Oral Presentations

Morning Schedule


Date: Thursday, April 21, 2016
Location: Fort Lewis College, Vallecito Room

9:00     Geordon Taylor. The antiquity of language: a review of the evidence. Anthropology

9:15     Sean Conte and Eric Smith. Comparing Wavelet Techniques for Content Based Image Retrieval. Mathematics

9:30     Break

9:45     Joseph Mason. A Fracture Analysis to Assess the Structural History of the Equity Block at Creede, CO. Geosciences

10:00   Skylyn Webb and Meredith Cook. Locus of Control and Life Orientation in Relation to Attitudes Toward Gun Laws. Psychology

10:15   Elinor Mullin. Confirming Exoplanets using the Fort Lewis Observatory. Physics and Engineering

10:30   Marquel Begay. Tó éí Iiná (Water is Life): The Environmental and Social Impacts of Groundwater Mining from the Navajo-Aquifer in Black Mesa, Arizona. Environmental Studies

10:45   Ryan Mullen, Estimation of South Cascade Glacier summer mass balance derived from high-resolution satellite imagery in 2004 and 2008, Washington. Geosciences

11:00   Break

11:15   Carlie Anderson, Rachael Sill, Robert Herman, and Phil Carter. Oops . . . We did it Again! Honors Program

11:30   Tyler Ozvat. Natural Product Synthesis of Diarylether Cyclophanes. Chemistry

11:45   Samuel Schnarch. The Effect of Superfund on Post-Industrial Communities:  An Analysis of Geographic Identity. Environmental Studies

12:00   Andres Carlos. Homo in quaestio: Discussion of the taxonomic placement of the Dmanisi hominins. Anthropology

12:15   Connor Brockmeier. Federalism and Direct Democracy: Why States Dissent Against Federal Law. Political Science

12:30   Meagan Prins. An Analysis of the Development of US Foreign Policy Attitudes toward Humanitarian Crisis and Genocide in the Post-Cold War Era. Political Science

12:45   Luke Perkins. The 10 AM Policy and Smoke Jumping: Setting the Stage for Disaster on America’s Public Lands 1935-1988. History


Afternoon Schedule


Date: Thursday, April 21, 2016
Location: Fort Lewis College, Roshong Recital Hall

1:30     Melissa Hicinbothem. The Man in the Black Leather Coat: Panopticism and Historical Fiction. Honors Program

1:45     Tricia Gourley. Textiles, Natural Dyes and Sustainability. Art & Design

2:00     Eliza Finke. Determination of the secondary RNA structure and its importance to the HTLV-1 pro-pol frameshift site. Chemistry

2:15     Lucas Vecchio. Ecological Niche Modeling of the Genus Ostrya (Betulaceae): Past, Present, and Future Range Projections in the American Southwest and Northern Latin America. Biology

2:30     Brianna Devore. Understanding Spring Awakening: Adolescents in 19th Century Germany. Theatre

2:45     Break

3:00     Allyson Dell’Amico, Olivia Goldberg, and Levi Kurlander. Anonymizing Medical Audio Databases Through Steganographic Concealing of Confidential Information. Mathematics

3:15     Erin Pierce. The Hopi Tribe and Peabody Energy: A History of Water Usage and Cultural Loss on Tribal Lands, 1966-2010. History

3:30     Michael Glade. The Veracity of the Historical Details in Javier Cercas's Novel Soldados de Salamina. Modern Languages

3:45     Molly Verde, Ryan Royer, and Scott Goetz. Project Armeise: An altitude/azimuthal multi-camera mount for high altitude atmospheric research. Physics and Engineering

4:00     Taylor Bennett-Begaye. Design & Beyond. Art & Design

4:15     Break 

4:30     Leah Brewer.  Discovering Dido: Creating a Character Through Research. Theatre

4:45     Wyatt Palmer. Call of Duty Psychological Warfare: The Link Between Video Games and Aggression. Psychology

5:00     Thomas G. Poole. Tension Releasing Exercises Reduce Perceived Stress in College Students. Exercise Science

5:15     Doss Ramsey. Pumping Profit: Postnatural Bodies and Consumer Masculinities. Gender and Women’s Studies

5:30     Mariah Starbuck, Stephanie Teaman, Craig Short, and Matt Steffens. The Role of Deep Pressure Sensory Feedback During Gait. Exercise Science

5:45     Michael Glade and Melba Njenga. Regulation of miR-132 Expression and Viral Entry in MRC-5 Cells via HCMV Infection and Ganciclovir Administration. Biology