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Undergraduate Research & Creative Activities Symposium

Each spring, Fort Lewis College departments choose a few of their research and performance students to present their work at the annual Undergraduate Research & Creative Activities Symposium. Oral presentations are given throughout the afternoon and poster presentations are given in the evening.

Date: April 19, 2018

Parking: Visitors to the Fort Lewis College Campus may park in the Stadium Lot without a permit the day of the event.  To park elsewhere, visit a parking permit kiosk on your way onto campus.

ABSTRACTS for all student presentations and posters are available here.

Links to streamed video:

Vallecito Room Talks:   www.facebook.com/fortlewis

Ballroom Talks: www.youtube.com/flcdurango


Time Location Presentations
      9:00 am-12:00 pm
           2:30-4:00 pm 
         Student Union
         Vallecito Room and Ballroom
          Oral Presentations
         12:45-2:00 pm          Student Life Center         Poster Presentations
           4:15-5:30 pm          Student Union Ballroom              Closing Gala
Schedules and Titles of Oral Presentations

Morning Schedule


Oral Presentations
Thursday, April 19, 2018
Location: Fort Lewis College, Vallecito Room

9:00        Peter Sumner, Geology. Constraining the Geomorphology of the Rico Dome in Southwestern Colorado with GIS and Field Studies. 

9:15        Genoa P. Wyckoff Martin, Theatre. Resistance, Brecht and Vegetables: A  Costume Design Epic. 

9:30        Coleman Kane and Jonathon Thompson, Mathematics. The Categorical Product in Graph Theory. 

9:45        Break

10:00      Elaina J. Allen, Anthropology. Lifestyle "Dirtbag" Climbers: Stepping Outside of a Comfortable Life and into a Community Built on Passion. 

10:15      Dylan Blair,  Morgan Shippen and Sean Toma, Exercise Science. Biomechanical Analysis of Ice Climbers' Performance. 

10:30      Kenneth N. Walker, Native American and Indigenous Studies. History ReCycled: Looking at the Past to Change the Future. 

10:45     Kate Coulter, English. Universality of the Beatles: An Analysis of Song Lyrics through the Film Across the Universe.

11:00      Ian T. Noble, Anthropology. Sexual Dimorphism in the Proximal Phalanges of the Hand: Verification and synthesis of Logistic Regression analysis methods.. 

11:15      George Bangs, Art and Design. Breaking Brand. 

11:30      Sara Burch, Geology. A Comparison of Geochemical and Helium Isotope Signatures of Thermal Fluids, Rico and Dunton Springs, San Juan Mountains, Colorado. 

11:45      Cordero Orona and Johnny Swanson, Engineering. SAE Aero Collegiate Competition 2018.  


Oral Presentations
Thursday, April 19, 2018
Location: Fort Lewis College,  Ballroom

10:00      Elan Price, PsychologyLove Me Sober: Transforming Attachment Style Through the Program of A.A. 

10:15      Breanna Jane Voorhis, History. Queering Homosexual Americanism: Race, Class, and Gender in US Gay Activism, 1940-1973. 

10:30      Leandrew A. Dailey, Chemistry. Assessing the Programmed -1 Ribosomal Frameshifting (-1 PRF) Efficiency of point mutations naturally occurring within the pro-pol frameshift site of HTLV-I. 

10:45      Topher Flynn, Physics. Electron Beam Lithography. 

11:00      Break

11:15      Rudessa Bedonie, Renae Dambly, and Alicia Sanchez, Exercise Science. Sleep and Psychological Well-being of Collegiate Athletes. 

11:30      Merkin M. Karr, English. Who Killed The World? : An Ecofeminist Critque of The Mad Max Franchise. 

11:45      Brandon M. Castle, Gender and Womens' Studies. Daxgyet Maxlaxaala: Halaayt Ts'msyen Identity through a contemporary lens.   


Afternoon Schedule


Oral Presentations
Thursday, April 19, 2018
Location: Fort Lewis College, Vallecito Room 


2:30        Kennedy Clark, Art and Design.   It's All Part of the Process. 

2:45        Kyser D. Seaney, Chemistry. Quantifying Collisional Energies within an Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer. 

3:00        Julia Orluk, Biology. An Exploration of Virulence in Corynebacterium Pseudotuberculosis

3:15        Break 

3:30        Justice Suina, Music. While My Sitar Gently Weeps. 

3:45        Derek Hanshaw , Biology. The Northern Pocket Gopher is an Ecosystem Engineer in the Mountains of Colorado. 



Oral Presentations
Thursday, April 19, 2018
LocationFort Lewis College, Ballroom


2:30        Madeleine C. Whichelo, Psychology. How Personable are You to Mindfulness? 

2:45        A. Guerrero, History. No Room at the Table: Food and the Making of An American Identity, 1890-1920. 

3:00        Bryan Stubbs, Native American and Indigenous Studies. Indigenous Invisiblity in Interactive Media.   

Closing Gala

Undergraduate Research Program Highlights, 2017-2018 - Dr. Anne McCarthy, Associate Dean of Arts and Sciences

Screening of "Duranium: The Legacy of Uranium Mining in Durango" 

Presentation of Honor Cords to Graduating Symposium Speakers

Appetizer Reception