Current Projects


Zoom-in to view the location of individual projects in Nicaragua and Myanmar.


Until recently Myanmar (formerly Burma) has been a "closed" country. Through our collaboration with the Shanta Foundation we are working in Pa'O villages located in the Shan state in the northeast of the country. The Pa'O are mostly subsistence farmers without water or electricity in their communities.

2015 Pon Tone, water
2015 Pon Phrone, water
2016 Nang Boat, water
2017 Mine Lone, water
2017 Khun Don, water


Nicaragua is the poorest country in South and Central America. We are working in the north central state of Nueva Segovia in villages on the Honduran border in the municipality of Jalapa. The people from these communities survive as laborers on coffee plantations working for $4 a day, when work is available. There is no water, improved sanitation or electricity in these communities.

2014 San Francisco, water
2015 Rio Arriba, water
2015 Las Palmas, water
2016 San Francisico, Rio Arriba, Las Palmas - sanitation phase I 
2016 La Ceiba, water
2017 Linda Vista,water 
2018 La Luz and Los Terrerios, water