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Clean water for villagers

A messsage from Don May - Director of the Village Aid Project (EWB) at Fort Lewis College.

Helping people takes money. It's as simple as that and we have been blessed with wonderful supporters. Thanks to all of you who have made our work possible by donating to the Village Aid Project (EWB) at Fort Lewis College.

How do we spend your money? Well, very carefully. We are an all-volunteer organization. We pay no salaries and no overhead (rent, vehicles, etc.) 99% of your donation goes to direct project expenses like pipe, concrete, and all the other materials needed to build a water system for a village. Students raise the money for their own expenses so your donations are not paying for student travel.

The average water system for a village costs about $17,000 (sanitation projects are less) and we usually work on four projects each year so our annual budget is about $65,000. Dr. Laurie Williams, my co-director, and I are both full time faculty members at FLC so we work to raise this money and run the projects during our free time. In addition to our terrific students we have a committed group community partners who help us.

I need your financial help to continue our work. Please consider donating. You have my word that I will use your money wisely and frugally, eeking the most out of every dollar.

Thanks for your support,

Don May
Professor of Engineering
Director of the Village Aid Project - Engineers Without Borders
Fort Lewis College

Tax deductible donations to EWB-FLC are made through the Fort Lewis College Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization.

Make checks payable to: FLC Foundation, VAPewb
Send to: c/o Don May
Department of Engineering
Fort Lewis College
1000 Rim Drive
Durango, CO 81301
Credit cards: 

Go to the FLC Foundation online donation page.
Search for Engineers Without Borders to direct your gift to the Village Aid Project EWB.