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Upcoming Projects

EWB Upcoming Projects

We work in the neediest communities in the poorest countries. We select communities based on their need for water so our first project in each village is a water system. In subsequent years we work on secondary projects, usually sanitation where we help families construct latrines or other community driven projects.

Current Projects:


Until recently Myanmar (formerly Burma) has been a "closed" country. Through our collaboration with the Shanta Foundation we are working in Pa'O villages located in the Shan state in the northeast of the country. The Pa'O are mostly subsistence farmers without water or electricity in their communities.


Nicaragua is the poorest country in South and Central America. We are working in the north central state of Nueva Segovia in villages on the Honduran border in the municipality of Jalapa. The people from these communities survive as laborers on coffee plantations working for $4 a day, when work is available. There is no water, improved sanitation or electricity in these communities.

We raise all of the funds to pay for project costs which are about $17,000 for each village. We are an all volunteer organization with less than 1% in over head costs. Please consider sponsoring our work.