Skyhawk Wellness Challenge

This year's Challenge will be:  January 27 - April 3, 2020

The 2019 winners:

Flu Fighters

Team Members:
Savannah Benally
Jane Cobb
Mimi Fountain
Kendra Gallegos Reichle
Elvia German-Palacios
Barb Hembree
Rene Klotz

Dump Your Rump

Every Day We’re Brusselin’

Lean, Mean, Fighting Machines

Congratulations to all who completed the challenge!


Are you ready? Ready to get started or stay started on your wellness activity for this academic year? 

Challenge Dates:
Monday, January 21st - Friday, March 29th

Send registration forms to Katie Sparks at

Skyhawk Wellness Challenge Guidelines
Skyhawk Wellness Challenge Team Registration
Skyhawk Wellness Challenge Tracking Log

Skyhawk Wellness Challenge in a Nutshell:
Track your progress in five health categories (exercise, nutrition, stress management, sleep, progress toward health goal)

Incentive to Participate: This challenge has individual and team prizes!