Work-Life Wellness

Skyhawk Wellness Challenge

The 2016 winners for the teams with two or more challengers are:


  1. Great Old Broads for Libraries (2 participants) 562 points
  2. Health on Wheels (11 participants) 541
  3. Bound to Be (10 Participants) 501
  4. Slurpees to Burpees (12 participants) 497
  5. Team Tenacious (10 participants) 480

The scores ranged from 314 to 562.

Four people participated individually:

  1. Dawn Widen - 571
  2. Julie Korb - 511
  3. Pam Smith - 480
  4. Felicia Meyer – 371


Are you ready? Ready to get started or stay started on your wellness activity for this academic year? 

Challenge Dates:
Monday, January 23rd - Friday, March 31st

Send registration forms to Katie Sparks at



Skyhawk Wellness Challenge in a Nutshell:
Track your progress in five health categories (exercise, nutrition, stress management, sleep, progress toward health goal)

Incentive to Participate: This challenge has individual and team prizes!

Bonus points for participating in the Walk to Wellness Program