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Writing Center

Welcome to the Writing Center

What Do We Do?

The purpose of the Fort Lewis College Writing Center is to give you a place where you can come for help with any writing assignment or project for any class. From generating ideas, to establishing an organizational structure, to polishing a final draft, you can improve your work by talking it over one-on-one with a writing tutor.

Our goal is to build better writers at any level. Our hope in building better writers, then, is for students to leave the Writing Center with new skills. These are the skills that will lead to more independence as you become more confident with your writing and analysis. Due to the subjective nature of writing, feedback from others is invaluable at any stage. So, come on in and visit us. Most students find that once they walk in the door, they come back again.

Where Are We and How Does it Work?

We are located in Jones 105 C. Half-hour appointments are available by signing up online. We will also take drop-in appointments as long as the tutor on duty is free.

What Can You Do to Prepare for an Appointment?

Our service is absolutely free, so simply bring the assignment guidelines that were provided by your instructor. The text(s) you are using can also be helpful--the books, readings, or other materials you're working with. If possible, come with specific questions about your work. But if you aren't even sure where those questions start, that's okay.

Faculty Support

Arrangements can be made for the Writing Center Director or peer tutors to visit your classrooms to speak about our services or offer writing support. In the past, talks have ranged from the writing process in general, to persuasive writing, to creating a timeline for research papers. Staff have also assisted during peer review and led workshops using a student writing sample.

New: The Writing Lab!

Located in 163 Jones Hall, the Writing Lab is a space to complete writing assignments or writing homework for any class, with writing tutors on hand to help you! The Writing Lab is a great place to: work on group writing projects; tackle challenging homework; find out how to accurately cite your sources; or get help polishing an assignment at the final stages of revision. Hours are Mondays and Fridays, 1:30-3:30pm. Call 970-382-6934 for more information.

Contact Information

The Writing Center
Jones Hall, RM 105 C

Michelle Bonanno
Interim Director

Lindsay Noisom
Administrative Assistant

Writing Center Hours

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday: 8:30-6:00

Thursday: 9:00 -5:30

Friday: 8:00-5:00

Monday through Thursday, online appointments only from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m.


If you would like to share feedback about your experiences at the Writing Center, please email Michelle Bonanno at bonanno_m@fortlewis.edu