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Meet our Writing Center Staff!

Colton BeatyColton Beaty, International Business Major
I came to Fort Lewis College knowing that I wanted to go into international business. I have always taken a liking into learning different cultures and their different systems in the business world. Today is a vastly changing world in which we are becoming a global network more than ever before. That is why I personally feel it is important that we all submerse ourselves in different cultures. Traveling is something I enjoy. This picture was taken in Tokyo Disneyland last summer when I went to visit. I will be attending Wasada University in Tokyo for a whole year this upcoming academic year. On my spare time, I love playing the classical guitar and piano. Music is the one way I feel like I can express myself.

I love working with people and helping in any way that I can. I would consider myself to be generally outgoing. What I value the most in life is God and family. I know that without those two things, I would not be where I am today. Words of advice that I always try to follow is to set goals high. In life we tend to settle merely because we are content with where we are or just too tired to push forward. But if we choose to step out of our comfort zone, and aim our sights high, the sky is the limit! I am a firm believer that we can shape our destiny. It is only a matter of how much we are willing to put forward to reach our goals.

Amber BenallyAmber Nicholene Benally, Sociology Major
Amber came to Fort Lewis College with the intention of growing both personally and academically. She had transferred from her tribal college on the Navajo Nation with an Associate's Degree in Social Sciences. Upon arriving to FLC, she had spent one semester as an Undeclared Major. Soon enough though, she discovered a passion for social justice and environmental change.

Currently, Amber is working on completing a double in Sociology and Environmental Studies. She is constantly pondering ideas of sustainable construction, agriculture, and policy. In addition, you can always find her out and about with a camera around her neck or a sketchpad on hand.

Amber believes that strong writing and speaking skills are a key component to a successful academic journey. Therefore, as a peer tutor, she is excited to help you find your voice whether that be for your readers or an audience.

Kyle CurtinKyle Curtin - Excercise Science Physiology Major
Kyle is a senior majoring in Exercise Science Physiology originally from Ohio. He is non-traditional transfer student who was an Army helicopter mechanic before coming to FLC to finish his degree. Before starting at Fort Lewis in the fall of 2015, Kyle hiked the Appalachian Trail. He is also an avid trail runner who enjoys competing in ultramarathons; sometimes over 100 miles long! He has a faithful rescued terrier with whom he likes to share time and couch space when not out exploring the great wilderness that surrounds our home. He has a wide array of interests, so come say hi!


Jaclyn DrummondJaclyn Drummond - Political Science and Technical Theatre Major
Hiya, my name is Jaclyn. I am a double major in Political Science and Technical Theatre; both of which have a great deal to do with communication and writing. I also work in the Leadership Center as a Senior Orientation Leader...I love FLC a lot. I think I am pretty funny, and fun to chat with, so come see me in the WC! (I will probably have snacks too.)

Jack EllmerJack Elmer - English Major
Jack is a freshman from Fort Collins who transferred to Fort Lewis after a semester of going to school on an island in Maine. He is majoring in English at Fort Lewis and has a passion for writing, environmentalism, social justice, and education. In Jack's previous work as a writing tutor, he specialized in working with international students and students with learning disabilities, but he loves helping anybody through the process of crafting better writing and becoming better writers. Outside of school, Jack does a little bit of everything. He lived in South Africa for a year, travels as much as possible, and will do whatever it takes to play outside with friends as much as possible. Whether after mountain biking, hiking, snowboarding, or climbing, he loves nothing more than ending a long day in the mountains with some pizza or coffee. So whether you find him in class or on the trail, in a cafe or here in the writing center, come say hello!

Rebecca NufferRebecca Nuffer - Visiting Instructor for the Writing Program
Rebecca joined the College in 2015. Prior to joining the faculty at Fort Lewis College, she was an instructor at Tarleton State University, Southeast Missouri State University, and Colorado West Christian School, where she worked to develop and streamline the elementary curriculum. She also served as a research assistant at the Center for Faulkner Studies and a writing lab tutor. Nuffer has worked as a freelance writer for several publications, including Durango Magazine, Montrose Style Magazine, and Beacon Senior Newspaper, at which she was a 2014 NAMPA Awards Nominee for Feature Writing.

Kristen ParkerKristen Parker - English Literature Major
I grew up in the valleys and near the mountains of Montana, but fell in love with Colorado. Traveling with my best friend, eating donuts, running with my dog-human, and gardening bring great happiness into my life. I am a senior and English Literature major excited about this new chapter. 





Nathan SeafordNathan Seaford - History Major
Nathan is a junior at Fort Lewis working on a degree in history with an English-writing minor.  He also gets stoked about political science, economics, and literature.

When Nathan isn’t in a classroom or a book, he’s probably out on the roads and trails cycling or running.  He also loves to ski and spend time in the mountains.

Regardless of the topic, he is excited to help fellow students improve the organization, flow, sentence structure, and grammar of their papers.  Come in to brainstorm with him too!

Emma SmithEmma Smith - English Major
I am an English major in my senior year at the Fort. As a small liberal arts school, Fort Lewis seemed to be the perfect place to pursue my passion in creative writing. After graduation, I hope to attend Second City College to refine my abilities in comedic sketch/screenwriting. I enjoy anything related to comedy, reading, writing, and film. However, when I'm not in school, I can most likely be found on a streamside fly-fishing or in the mountains adventuring.

As a tutor, my strengths are centered on organization, flow, and precision. I'm a nerd of all things English; therefore the areas I can offer the most help in are composition and most reading/writing English classes. I am always excited to read other people's work and help them reach their writing goals.

Kalia ThomasKalia Thomas – Environmental Studies Major
Kalia is a sophomore who fell in love with Durango and its small liberal arts college after moving from the Boulder area last year. She recently changed her major from anthropology to environmental studies after taking a summer intensive course in lake and stream ecology. She plans on continuing her education to graduate school with a focus in water, specifically limnology or hydrology. Aside from her passions for the environment and water conservation, she loves reading, writing, geology and history.
When Kalia isn’t in school or studying water samples, she can be found running, hiking, snowboarding or playing with dogs whenever possible. She loves the outdoors and exploring new places she has never experienced before.

When it comes to writing, Kalia can be most helpful with understanding what the professor is asking for and making sure that the students’ assignment correlates with what the professor wants. She understands the importance of citing sources and is always making sure every sentence is grammatically correct.

Michelle BonannoMichelle Bonanno, Director
Michelle graduated from Fort Lewis College with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and a minor in Communications in 2001. She then attended the University of Nevada, Las Vegas where she earned a Master of Arts in Communication in 2004. Beginning with her graduate studies, Michelle became, and continues to be, particularly interested in the rhetorical power of mass media. She wrote her Master's thesis on the role of local newspapers in healing the Littleton, Colorado community after the 1999 Columbine High School shooting. Michelle began teaching in the Writing Program here at Fort Lewis in 2005. As a student at FLC, Michelle met her future husband, Anthony, and they are now raising their two children, AJ and Mia.

Lindsay NoisomLindsay Noisom, Administrative Assistant
Lindsay graduated from Fort Lewis in 1982 with a Bachelor's degree in English. She has lived in Durango since 1977, and has raised two daughters to whom she read aloud every night until they started high school. Her oldest daughter, Trista, is a Fort Lewis alumna who graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, and her youngest daughter, Caitlin, is a published author. Lindsay has over 15 years of experience in the book industry, and has served on the editorial board of the Durango Herald Small Press.