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Meet our Writing Center Staff!

Amber Benally

Amber Nicholene Benally, Sociology MajorThis is Ambers 4th year as a Peer Tutor! She transferred to FLC from Diné College on the Navajo Nation with an Associate's Degree in Social Sciences. Upon arriving to FLC she discovered a passion for social justice and environmental change.

Currently, Amber is working on completing a Double Major in both Sociology and Environmental Studies. She is constantly pondering ideas of sustainable construction, agriculture, and landscape policy. In addition, you can always find her out and about with a camera around her neck or a book in hand.

Amber believes that strong writing and speaking skills are a key component to a successful academic journey. Therefore, as a peer tutor, she is excited to help you find your voice whether that be for your readers or a live audience.

Lara Cladny Lara Cladny - English Writing Major
An English-Writing major with minors in Psychology and the John F. Reed Honors Program, Lara has been tutoring with the Writing Center since January 2014. She is currently completing her Honors thesis, which is a memoir that combines history, ecology, psychology, environmental issues, and personal narrative regarding the Grand Canyon.
In addition to understanding how to overcome the challenges of the writing process and writer’s block, Lara knows the books and crannies of grammar, citations, Word formatting, and essay organization for various disciplines across campus.
When not writing, Lara enjoys hiking and running with her dog, practicing yoga, dancing, backpacking, and adventuring in the Southwest. Lara loves working with fellow scholars on their writing projects in the Writing Center-- come say hi!
Jaclyn Drummond Jaclyn Drummond - Political Science and Technical Theatre Major
Hiya, my name is Jaclyn. I am a double major in Political Science and Technical Theatre; both of which have a great deal to do with communication and writing. I also work in the Leadership Center as a Senior Orientation Leader...I love FLC a lot. I think I am pretty funny, and fun to chat with, so come see me in the WC! (I will probably have snacks too.)
Jack Ellmer Jack Elmer - English Major
Jack is a student from Fort Collins who transferred to Fort Lewis after a semester of going to school on an island in Maine. He is majoring in English at Fort Lewis and has a passion for writing, environmentalism, social justice, and education. In Jack's previous work as a writing tutor, he specialized in working with international students and students with learning disabilities, but he loves helping anybody through the process of crafting better writing and becoming better writers. Outside of school, Jack does a little bit of everything. He lived in South Africa for a year, travels as much as possible, and will do whatever it takes to play outside with friends as much as possible. Whether after mountain biking, hiking, snowboarding, or climbing, he loves nothing more than ending a long day in the mountains with some pizza or coffee. So whether you find him in class or on the trail, in a cafe or here in the writing center, come say hello!
Holly Fox Holly Fox - English Major
Holly is a transfer student from Farmington, New Mexico. She is extremely excited to be studying and working at the Fort. Holly enjoys writing, philosophy, and literature. Yet she also enjoys the variety of subjects encompassed in the liberal arts. She is a big fan of dance and yoga. In her spare time, Holly enjoys reading and writing historical fiction and fantasy. Holly is eager to work with fellow students to pursue the best writing processes possible.
Max Neuman

Max Neuman- Education Major
Max studies both education and Spanish at Fort Lewis, and is now in his senior year. Through classes, previous jobs, and volunteering, he has spent lots of time tutoring others in the subject of writing. Through this experience along with a background in Spanish, he has also been involved in numerous projects to help tutor non-native speakers of English in literacy. He really enjoys the process of creating a meaningful, persuasive paper, and sees a lot of value in a strong piece of writing. His biggest strengths are assisting with the structure, flow, grammar, and persuasiveness of essays; he can help refine papers in both English and Spanish.

In his free time, he loves to bike, ski, hike, and camp, or perhaps do a combination of the above! He also really enjoys playing guitar and reading. Come on by and he would love to help you reach your goals as a writer!

Randy Poyer Randy Poyer - Environmental Studies
I am returning to FLC for a second degree, Environmental Studies. My first degree was in Anthropology, which I have come to understand involves a lot of writing! I have also tutored for many years after graduation, and even taught basic composition for a year. Writing was not my greatest strength and I still find myself questioning my own writing, but my journey has come a long way. I believe that writing is a very useful and creative way to express oneself and it is my hope that I help other writers become more confidant in their writing as well.
Nathan Seaford Nathan Seaford - History Major
Nathan is a senior in the History department at Fort Lewis. He also enjoys political science, psychology, sociology, and literature.

When Nathan isn’t in a classroom or a book, he’s probably out on the roads and trails cycling or running.  He also loves to ski and spend time in the mountains.

Regardless of the topic, he is excited to help fellow students improve the organization, flow, sentence structure, and grammar of their papers.  Come in to brainstorm with him too!

Michelle Bonanno Michelle Bonanno, Director
Michelle graduated from Fort Lewis College with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and a minor in Communications in 2001. She then attended the University of Nevada, Las Vegas where she earned a Master of Arts in Communication in 2004. Beginning with her graduate studies, Michelle became, and continues to be, particularly interested in the rhetorical power of mass media. She wrote her Master's thesis on the role of local newspapers in healing the Littleton, Colorado community after the 1999 Columbine High School shooting. Michelle began teaching in the Writing Program here at Fort Lewis in 2005. As a student at FLC, Michelle met her future husband, Anthony, and they are now raising their two children, AJ and Mia.
Lindsay Noisom Lindsay Noisom, Administrative Assistant
Lindsay graduated from Fort Lewis in 1982 with a Bachelor's degree in English. She has lived in Durango since 1977, and has raised two daughters to whom she read aloud every night until they started high school. Her oldest daughter, Trista, is a Fort Lewis alumna who graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, and her youngest daughter, Caitlin, is a published author. Lindsay has over 15 years of experience in the book industry, and has served on the editorial board of the Durango Herald Small Press.