Writing Program - 200-Level CRE Outcomes

200-Level Course CRE Outcomes

Advantages of using the CRE in CO 250

  • Can be used for the Rhetorical Knowledge component looking particularly at Greiten’s claims and evidence for why we need military to resolve conflicts, that military and peace-keeping are mutually exclusive as bookends to conflict, and to investigate other viewpoints, especially regarding funding that goes into military ventures vs. peace-keeping ones and how that determines success of the operation. Also can be used to look at authorial bias, particularly gender.
  • Can be used for Experience in the Writing and Research Process to see how his personal experience served as a primary source for research into a defined problem.
  • Can be used for Critical Thinking and Communication Strategies to help students develop multimodal approaches to presentation, particularly in creating visual representations of his claims or concepts. Could find his work as a photographer to analyze his work and the arguments it makes.

Disadvantages of using CRE in CO 250

  • Students need to buy the book.
  • It can significantly alter one’s curriculum

Instructors need to consider:

  • How much of the book they would need to teach in order to make it worth purchasing? Is it possible to get rights for an e-text?
  • If there are ways to collaborate with other CO 250s to bring in guest speakers, etc.
  • If it is worth altering one’s curriculum to incorporate the CRE?


--Completed by Esther Belin and Ayla Moore