Writing Program - Common Reading Experience Outcomes

CRE Outcomes for Writing Program Courses

In 2008, the Writing Program initially drafted learning outcomes for the Common Reading Experience as a program. In 2012, the Reading Board revised these earlier outcomes. The result is a set of five common goals for students participating in the CRE.

CRE Goals

  • Create a common intellectual experience
  • Create a community of readers
  • Set expectations that college is about the life of the mind—of reading, discussion, writing
  • Launch other co-curricular events tied to theme
  • Make the point that academic/critical/rigorous thinking can be applied to real life, such as popular books

Download the Goals of CRE, including outcomes under each of the five learning goals.

CRE Learning Outcomes

In 2012, the Writing Program created separate learning outcomes for Transitional Studies (TRS) as well as 100-level and 200-level composition courses.

We hope that these outcomes will not only assist students in those courses, but may also serve as models for other departments on campus who incorporate the Common Reading Experience into their courses.